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Clean mobility event

Air Liquide organized the first tests in France of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

On October 4 & 5, in cooperation with Honda, Hyundai, Intelligent Energy, Mercedes-Benz, Michelin, Opel, Peugeot PSA, Renault-Nissan and Toyota, Air Liquide organized the first exclusive tests in France of a dozen of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) on the Marcoussis motor racing circuit, near Paris.

These two days were the opportunity to discuss the integration of theses vehicles into sustainable mobility in France as well as their contribution to industry competitiveness.

Already available, safe and efficient, this technology offers an additional solution to meet energy and environmental challenges in transportation.

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Blue Hydrogen

With Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide is moving towards a gradual decarbonization of its hydrogen production dedicated to energy applications.

In practical terms, Air Liquide takes a commitment to produce at least 50% of the hydrogen necessary for these applications through carbon-free processes by 2020, by combining:

  • renewable energy sources, water electrolysis and biogas reforming,
  • carbon capture and storage technologies during the hydrogen production process based on natural gas.