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R&D opening new ways

With over 1,000 researchers of 35 nationalities, based in 9 locations in Europe, Asia, and the United States, Research & Development creates sustainable value for Air Liquide and its customers, by exploring new scientific and technological territories, new usages, to address the challenges faced by society.

As a spearhead of Innovation, R&D plays a major role in developing competitive technologies to support core businesses growth; reaching excellence levels by relying on its scientific know-how and expertise; exploring new territories to identify growth opportunities for the Group; and developing world-class talents.

Creating value for our customers

Air Liquide - Creating value for our customersAir Liquide, as a result-oriented Group, invents, designs, and develops tailored, innovative, leading-edge solutions. R&D thus contributes to the performance and efficiency of Air Liquide’s and its customers’ businesses.
Air Liquide both enhances existing technologies and incorporates new ones developed outside the Group, notably by pioneer SMEs and start-ups.

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Leading the global innovation ecosystem

Through the connection and cooperation with major innovation players worldwide, R&D expands its footprint, especially in fast-growing economies. Air Liquide builds long-term, creative, active, and flexible partnerships with top-level academic laboratories and leading industrial players, notably as part of its “open innovation” program. 60% of R&D projects are carried out as part of public-private partnerships, with 100 industrial partners and 100 academic laboratories.
Air Liquide is involved in 5 research chairs (France, Canada, Japan).

Addressing the future challenges faced by society

R&D conducts in-depth analyses of societal trends: industry globalization and resource constraints, changes in consumption patterns and demographics, as well as appetite for innovation.
Based on this vision, Air Liquide designs new technologies and innovative solutions, while acting responsibly.

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Attracting and developing talents

Through the variety of their profile, skills, and cultural background, Air Liquide researchers and engineers contribute to accelerating the Group’s growth and streamlining industrial processes. They define the shape of tomorrow’s world.

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