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Sustainable Development and Responsibility

Air Liquide puts performance and responsibility at the heart of its ambition

Air Liquide reaffirmed in 2013 its ambition to be the leader in its industry delivering long term performance and acting responsibly.

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Acting responsibly captures how we:

  • Serve our customers and patients and contribute to society at large.
    This is about contributing to health and the environment by being committed to our customers and patients, through innovation and services in particular. It is also about commitment to the communities that we operate in, especially through the Air Liquide Foundation.
  • Develop our people and run our operations.
    This is about developing our employees, their expertise and their commitment, and ensuring our ethical rules are respected. It is also about how to best to manage natural resources and the environmental impact of our business.
  • Build relationships with our shareholders and all other stakeholders.
    This is about consolidating relationships with our shareholders, extending our responsible approach to our suppliers and developing a dialogue of trust with public authorities in the countries we operate in.