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Sustainable Development and Responsibility

Air Liquide puts performance and responsibility at the heart of its ambition

Air Liquide reaffirmed in 2013 its ambition to be the leader of its industry delivering long term performance and acting responsibly.

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The human being at the heart of the Group’s concerns

Air Liquide takes care to ensure development, diversity and engagement of employees, and to improve safety at work.
A committed company

Air Liquide put the skills of the Group’s teams at the service of the communities close to where the Group operates.
Actions for communities

Conducting Group operations while protecting the environment

Air Liquide works at improving the energy efficiency of its activities. Innovation supports the approach to protecting the environment.
Our commitment to the environment

Air Liquide focuses its R&D on sustainable development. Over 60% of the R&D budget is earmarked for protecting life and the environment.
Innovation in favor of the environment