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Our Business

In 80 countries, Air Liquide supplies its customers in extremely diverse industries such as steel industry, food and beverage, electronics or pharmaceuticals. In order to match the needs of all of these clients, the Group is organized in different World Business Lines.

The Healthcare activity

Protecting vulnerable lives

The Healthcare activity supplies medical gases, home healthcare services, hygiene products, medical equipment and specialty ingredients. In over 30 countries around the world, Air Liquide influences the lives of more than 1 million patients at home and serves over 7,500 hospitals and clinics.

Industrial Merchant

Gases for every application

Managing safety, optimizing production processes and enhancing the quality of products are just some major challenges faced by manufacturers all around the world. The Group’s Industrial Merchant World Business Line (WBL) supports these businesses by providing them with the gases that are indispensable for their operations.

Large Industries

Taking the long view

Air Liquide’s Large Industries World Business Line (WBL) provides gases to customers in the refining, chemicals, energy and metallurgical industries. These gases are vital to the production processes of customers in such industries. The Group’s gas and energy solutions enable businesses to reconcile optimal productivity with respect for the environment. Here, we take a close look at a sector in which Air Liquide is the undisputed world leader.


A digital inside look

The Group’s Electronics World Business Line (WBL) offers a large range of high added-value products and services used in the manufacture of the state-of-the-art technologies that we see all around us: flat screen displays, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, etc. The Group also offers its electronics expertise to the booming photovoltaic industry.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Construction (E&C) and Advanced Business and Technologies (aB&T) networks are combined under the Engineering and Technology umbrella.

Related Activities

Other businesses include Technologies of the Future, Welding-Cutting (equipment, consumables and services for welding and metal cutting), Specialty Chemicals (compounds used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries) and Diving.