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The Healthcare business

Better living through better breathing

The Healthcare World Business Line (WBL) provides medical products and services to more than 7,500 hospitals and more than 1,000,000 patients assisted at home. This activity contributes to the improvement of patients' quality of life, all around the world.

Healthcare business news

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Revenue in million of euros in 2013

€ 2,689

The Group’s Healthcare WBL provides the world’s hospitals with medical gases, hygiene products and related medical equipment. These products ensure that medical procedures go smoothly, especially in the sensitive areas that are the operating rooms, emergency care and intensive care units.

Gases are used, for example, for anesthesia, assisted ventilation and easing certain pains.

Air Liquide is spearheading the fight against nosocomial infections, conducting highly effective research to develop targeted products for the skin, hands, instruments and surfaces.

Health one of our long-term growth

Innovation and Research for Health