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Related Activities

Other businesses include Technologies of the Future, Welding-Cutting (equipment, consumables and services for welding and metal cutting), Specialty Chemicals (compounds used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries) and Diving.

Aeronautics, Space, Cryogenics, Hydrogen Energy

Encouraging and supporting efforts to bring advanced technologies to market in the areas of industrial IT, hydrogen energy, cryogenics, space, aeronautics, decentralized energies, bio-energies and oxycombustion: these are the missions of the Technologies of the Future Division. Leveraging the Group’s processes and expertise, the Technologies of the Future Division designs the solutions of tomorrow and drives innovation for Air Liquide..

Specialty chemicals

A subsidiary of Air Liquide since 1986, SEPPIC develops and markets specialty chemicals and innovative biological products (e.g., active ingredients, excipient products, vaccine adjuvants, polymers) which are used in the health/beauty and industrial sectors.


The world leader in diving material, Aqua Lung, an Air Liquide subsidiary, designs equipment for leisure, professional, and military diving as well as for other aquatic hobbies.


Air Liquide offers a range of varied, innovative welding and metal cutting solutions in robotics, consumables and protective equipment, responding to the specific technological challenges faced by its customers.