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Since chemicals and food cannot be processed in the same way, we have created the ALIGAL™ line exclusively to match the special quality requirements of the food industry.

ALIGAL™ is the right choice for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.ALIGAL™ is an international line of food grade gas atmospheres and services specially created for the processing and packaging of beverages and foodstuffs.Depending on your country, these products come as single cylinders, bundles of 9 cylinders, in liquid form or as an onsite: ALIGAL FLO production service.

• ALIGAL™ for assured quality

ALIGAL™ complies with procedure controls and quality assurance throughout the production process. ALIGAL™ product quality is guaranteed right up to the point of use:

Quality of raw materials:
The gases are taken from approved production plants, equipped with a quality-assured filling stations
Quality of raw materials transport:
All precautions are taken to preserve the excellent degree of purity of the original product, both when filled in cylinders in our plants and when transported and stored in bulk at customer locations
Storage of raw materials in filling centers:
The gases are certified as complying with current regulations (EC standards)
• Which gas?

ALIGAL™ is a line of gases or mixes of gases. See below for an overview of the gases’ different shielding properties:

Nitrogen (N2) Nitrogen is mainly used to "displace and replace oxygen" in the package before it is closed. It prevents oxidation of pigments, flavorings and/or fatty acids.
Nitrogen is inert, odorless, and has low solubility in water and fats.

It has no direct bacteriostatic or fungistatic properties.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Carbon dioxide is a bacteriostatic and fungistatic agent - it slows down and reduces the proliferation of aerobic bacteria and molds, especially in the absence of oxygen. It is effective at concentrations above 20% in atmosphere. It has no stimulating effect on pathogenic organisms.

CO2 is very soluble in water and fats. This property may promote development of a slightly acidic taste if CO2 use is not properly controlled. It can also cause film on packaged products to collapse. This may be either a drawback or a targeted effect.

Oxygen (O2)
In general, oxygen is an undesirable element. In some applications, however, it is used as a constituent in a gaseous mixture.

It is used in particular for maintaining the red color of meat. It also prevents the proliferation of strictly anaerobic organisms (e.g. for fresh fish).

Argon (Ar) Argon is a chemically inert, odorless and tasteless gas.
It is a ‘heavier’ gas than nitrogen, and is used to protect sensitive products such as wine. However, it is twice as soluble as nitrogen.

Argon has the same properties as nitrogen and does not affect micro organisms to any greater degree.

Hence it can be used in a controlled atmosphere to replace nitrogen in most applications. Its solubility (twice that of nitrogen) and certain molecular characteristics give it special properties for use with vegetables. Under certain conditions, it slows down metabolic reactions and significantly reduces breathing.

• Installation

aligal installation

Shown here as an example, is a global installation for a winery, with cylinders, pressure release, and distribution line. The aim here is to prevent wine from oxidating and decarbonating.

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