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We have expanded our consultation service, whether you are connected with the industrial gas business or not, in order to help you to : Optimise your process Comply to environmental constraints Reduce your energy costs Enhance the efficiency of your


is a significant advance in our wider service for integrated steel mills, featuring our own technical solutions for steel gas recovery, project development, investment and operation capabilities.

Dry ice Blasting

You are looking for a cleaning process which is not abrasive and would protect your working tool.


Gas Safety Training


Composition of your atmosphere, injection conditions (pressure, flowrates...), gas/surface interactions are parameters influencing the performance of your treatments. To help you understand the various interactions in your furnace, AIR LIQUIDE offers you modeling services modeling highly adapted to the heat treatment .

Red fumes abatement

By using CO2 snow, you can significantly reduce red fume emissions during :   

Calibration Services

AIR LIQUIDE can asset in the calibration of your process analyzers. Proper and frequent calibration is typically required in ISO quality.

Rolling Mill Solution

Our partner KEOPS has ways of improving the efficiency of your operations from order entry through to scheduling, production, inventory management and shipping ...

Energy Optimization :SAPHIR


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