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Air Liquide Services

Our Know-How

You would like to increase your productivity, simplify the management of your gas supplies and improve the yield of your process or production sites. At the same time, you have to meet higher safety standards in order to conform to regulations and address environmental demands.

Completely safe waste cylinder disposal

The law prohibits simply discharging toxic, corrosive or inflammable residual gases from compressed gas cylinders into the atmosphere. Customers renting gas cylinders from Air Liquide can simply return them, in line with transportation regulations in force, and Air Liquide arranges for the professional disposal of residual gases.


Gas Safety Training

Gas safety : Audit & Analysis

You want to improve the safety of your gas installations by bringing them into compliance with current standards and regulations.


Thanks to its tracking technology based on electronic tags (called "smart tags" or RFID) and its existing platform for data hosting and management, Air Liquide provides its industrial customers with online access to the data they need for tracking purposes.

Local Customer Support

A single interface for support in product distribution, maintenance, training, inventory management, ...


Compressed gas cylinder maintenance

Your key concern is reliable, efficient gas distribution.

Dry ice blasting

You are looking for a cleaning process which is not abrasive and would protect your working tool.

Remote Management

Air Liquide delivers gas cylinders and liquid gases to you onsite, and you have numerous storage options for various other products.