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Thanks to its tracking technology based on electronic tags (called "smart tags" or RFID) and its existing platform for data hosting and management, Air Liquide provides its industrial customers with online access to the data they need for tracking purposes.


Thanks to its identification technology based on electronic tags (called "smart tags" or RFID) and its existing plasform for data hosting and management, AIR LIQUIDE provides industrial customers with on line access to information to track mobile tanks, industrial operations and process automation.

You lack visibility in managing your mobile assets through closed cycles.
You desperately need a better way to handle time-consuming physical inventories throughout your facilities or premises.
You want to log all operation carried out on your fixed assets (e.g. maintenance operations).
You want to automate some of your processes or/and you want to protect your goods from counterfeiting.

• What you need:
To be informed anytime, wherever you are, that your mobile assets, processes and operations are accurately and safely recorded and updated throughout their life cycle.

• Our Traceability offer:
- Mobile Assets Tracking
- Industrial operation tracking
- Process Automation

• Market segments:
- Transportation and logistics
- Food Industry
- Chemicals
- Electronics
- Healthcare
- Packaging and Assembly

• Our added value:


Today, more than 500,000 Air Liquide industrial and medical cylinders are equipped with “tags” (based on RFID technology) that relieve our customers of the task of supply and inventory management.
Through our successful implementation of this cutting edge technology, we created ATHELIA, a 50/50 Air Liquide and Gemplus joint venture that adds a unique, intelligent and secure identification method for your products and processes.

• How you benefit:
- Total visibility of assets and inventories throughout the supply chain,
- Records of operations and processes throughout their life cycle,
- On-line access to information,
- Process trackinge,
- transparency to customers.