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Air Liquide offers a variety of media to inform you about the Group

Annual Report and Reference Document

Everything you need to know about Air Liquide is published annually in the Annual Report and Reference Document. These publications outline the Group's activities and events of the past year as well as its financial performance and strategy.

"MORE", the Shareholder's Guide

To ensure clear and continuous communication with its shareholders, every year Air Liquide publishes the Shareholder's Guide, which provides practical answers to your questions about Air Liquide. It explains the Air Liquide share and the various services that are available, the different modes of share ownership, the taxation of shares, the transfer of assets, etc. The views of external experts are also included to enrich the dialogue.

"Interactions", Letters to the shareholders

With this quarterly letter to shareholders, you receive regular updates of the Group's activities to complement press releases and e-mail alerts.

Would you like to become a shareholder?

The Shareholder App

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