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Air Liquide Healthcare aims to provide customers in the continuum of care from hospital to home with medical products and services that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives.


Martin Georgiev

Local Pharmacovigilance Officer, LPO

+359 887 886 881

Air Liquide Bulgaria currently supplies 4 major hospitals in the country. We seek insight into the most important challenges facing the healthcare community, enabling us to proactively find the most relevant and efficient solutions.

Medicinal Liquid Oxygen is a Medicinal cryogenic gas. It is produced in Pernik ASU in full compliance with National and European legislation. Air Liquide Bulgaria maintains,  Marketing Authorization for LOX, Manufacturing Authorization and Good Manufacturing Practice certificate.


Thanks to the technical expertise and production capability, we can deliver innovative solutions and services that help customers to improve the efficiency of their work, as well as safety and environmental protection.

Our exclusive DALIA system for real-time monitoring 24/7 giving the required information for consumption and quantity of the used oxygen. This way we can remotely monitor and control the amount of liquid medical oxygen required for the continuous and smooth flow of the healing process:

  • Traceability of the critical level of the product through technology DALIA system
  • Regularly deliveries
  • Eliminating possible errors in order
  • Maintain the required amount of liquid medical oxygen available Maintaining data base about consumption of the Hospital.
  • Sending an alarm in case of deviating from average consumption Ongoing intention for optimization
  • Yearly assessment

Thanks to the technical expertise and the production capacity we can provide innovative and individual solution and service helping our customers to optimize their efficiency of working processes and their safety and the safety of the environment.

The DALIA system guarantees absolute reliable real-time monitoring 24/7.

Our team of experts, responsible for the technical maintenance, are always available in case of emergency.