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3 questions to Habib Kolawole, Master Driver at Air Liquide in Nigeria

3 questions to Habib Kolawole, Master Driver at Air Liquide in Nigeria

Habib Kolawole joined Air Liquide in 2008 as bulk gases driver. He recently became a Master Driver, a certified defensive driving trainer, at Air Liquide in Nigeria. He shares the key aspects of his role.

Could you tell us more about your daily responsibilities as a driver?

I transport gases to customers and other Air Liquide sites. My primary focus is to deliver the products safely and in a timely manner. I carry out checks on my vehicle using our inspection checklist, to ensure my truck is in good working condition before embarking on any trip.

You recently completed a training course in Road Safety and Defensive Driving and became Master Driver. What did this bring you?

I am now a certified defensive driving trainer, which means I train other drivers within my entity. Regular trainings provide an opportunity to continue to improve skills, such as how to manage the dangerous behaviour of other drivers or adverse conditions like the weather or mechanical problems. I now feel empowered to ensure the Group’s zero accidents objective in my work.

What are the main challenges you overcome in your job, particularly in terms of safety?

Road conditions can be quite poor, so I always need to take the necessary precautions with pre and post delivery vehicle checks and make sure other drivers do so as well. We communicate regularly with phone calls during their breaks. However, the most important challenge is dealing with the potentially unsafe behaviour of other drivers on the road. This requires a high level of constant awareness and alertness throughout deliveries.