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Air Liquide’s R&D supports the first international molecule-car race

Ready, set, go! Air Liquide’s R&D supports the first international molecule-car race

Organized by the CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research), with the support of Air Liquide’s Research and Development (R&D), the NanoCar Race, or the first international race of molecular machines, took place on April 28-29, 2017 at the Center for the Elaboration of Material and Structural Studies (CEMES) in Toulouse, France.

These “vehicles” of a few hundred atoms are propulsed thanks to an electric impulse. During the 36 hour race, they travelled across a track of 100 nanometers, made of gold atoms. Four teams of international researchers competed under the four lenses of a microscope that is unique in the world, located at the CEMES.

The NanoCar Race is a real scientific prowess and represents an advance in nanosciences, nanotechnologies, synthetic chemistry as well as surface science. In the future, this technique should allow the construction of the first electronic circuits with minimal use of raw materials, opening horizons in the field of sustainable development.

In this scientific adventure, Air Liquide’s R&D is providing the CNRS with financial support and demonstrating its commitment to the international scientific community.

Visit the NanoCar Race YouTube channel.