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Diversity and inclusion: Air Liquide employees get mobilized

Diversity and inclusion: Air Liquide employees get mobilized

48 hours, over 1,200 participants and more than 5,000 posts, comments or likes in the Valuing our Differences community. Air Liquide’s latest jam session on the topic of diversity and inclusion was definitely lively!

For Air Liquide, diversity is synonym of innovation and performance. During this online session, employees from around the world shared their ideas, good practices and success stories. Discussion topics included gender, culture, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation as well as disability.

Air Liquide entities were strongly involved, organizing over 100 local events (brainstorming sessions, diversity trees, games and art sessions...), enriching the online discussion and highlighting the diversity and creativity of Air Liquide’s teams. In addition, employees had the opportunity to connect to live broadcasts and Hangouts with Air Liquide executives.  

A jam session participant from Air Liquide in Australia shared "It is coming to the end of a busy day and also the end of this wonderful opportunity. This has been a concept that has allowed the chance for all employees to feel united."