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R&D boosts its community’s creativity using gamification

R&D boosts its community’s creativity using Gamification

Air Liquide Research & Development (R&D) recently organized a global gamification initiative titled "The Inspiration Game". This ideation and collaboration event was aimed at finding new digital solutions in order to enrich offerings by addressing customer pain points.

During four weeks, R&D employees could share and develop ideas on a dedicated online platform. All ideas were rated by the players according to the potential customer experience and time to market.  

The objective was for each player to earn as many points as possible. To earn these points, players could submit new ideas or evaluate and comment on the ideas of other players.

This new way of working has allowed R&D to leverage various fields of knowledge within the global R&D community and to bring together the collective intelligence.

This playful approach has been a great success. The competition has sparked employees commitment and collaborative spirit that led to 574 new ideas and more than 11,000 comments and evaluations.

The award ceremonies took place at the end of June on three continents  and rewarded three winning ideas: one will become an R&D project, the second will go through a further technical evaluation and the third one will be implemented as part of an existing project.