cH2ange with hydrogen

See hydrogen differently!

We are convinced that achieving energy transition without hydrogen is just an impossible mission. Because it will play an increasingly large role in our lives and in the world to come, cH2ange with hydrogen makes you look at hydrogen from every angle. Ready to see differently this small molecule with unlimited potential? On this page you’ll find: pedagogical and fun videos, innovative discoveries and inspirational discussions!

What is cH2ange with hydrogen?

  • An explore which makes you see hydrogen differently through pedagogical and original contents

  • A community of energy transition enthusiasts, both experts and neophytes

  • A voice combining scientific truth and humorous approach

  • Encounters with the game cH2angers, hydrogen pioneers and leaders

In 2022, we cH2ange!

Launched in 2017 by Air Liquide under the name of cH2ange, the project is now being taken to the next level! We are becoming: “cH2ange with hydrogen”.

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