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Our R&D realizations

Anticipate and respond to the world's leading trends and challenges.

We are committed to take up the challenge of the energy transition.

Escalating global demand for energy

Unleashing renewable energy technologies

From our in-house crystalline sillicon solar cell pilot line to our industry and academic partnerships, our leadership has made us the preferred gas and precursors supplier to 16 of the world’s largest solar cell manufacturers.

Streamlining industrial processes

R&D is enhancing Air Separation Unit (ASU) competitiveness by reducing energy costs through improvements to process and equipment design, and Real Time Optimization (RTO) for on-line automatic optimization of ASU operations.

We contribute to the hydrogen revolution.

Rising public concern for the planet

Enabling the hydrogen revolution

Air Liquide is expanding the global network of hydrogen refueling stations for clean electric vehicles. In R&D, we are leading the way in safe hydrogen, advanced storage solutions and fuel cells. By 2020, 50% of our H2 for energy applications will be produced through carbon-free processes.

Making clean power a winner

Our Cryocap™ Oxy unit uses oxycombustion technology to capture and store pure CO2. This technology will enable the world’s first industrial scale demonstration of a zero CO2 emission coal-fired power plant.

We protect vulnerable lives all over the world.

Improving quality of life of patients

From hospital to home, Air Liquide protects vulnerable lives throughout the world. Our telemonitoring system, NOWAPI™*, registers data on patient compliance. Meanwhile, our TAKEO™ medical oxygen cylinder with its digital gauge, allows for better planning, enabling hospital staff to devote more time to patient care.

*Manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A. According to the European regulation, this health product is a medical device class IIa, and is CE marked. CE0459. Read carefully the instruction manual. May 11th 2015.

Connecting a faster high-powered world

Air Liquide invents and evaluates new molecules for thin film technology, used by semiconductor manufacturers worldwide to improve mobile device connectivity and performance.

We customize our technologies to local needs.

Adapting to local needs

Air Liquide is reducing total cost of ownership of Rectisol® plants by optimizing the process to convert coal to syngas for the chemicals and fuels industry.

Find markets and applications taking advantage of Air Liquide's innovations in Industry or Healthcare.