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Air Liquide Schülke


Because the elimination of hospital-acquired infections is a major public health issue, prevention is primordial. As a European leader in hospital disinfection, our dedicated brand to hygiene Schülke helps fight infections and pandemics using a broad range of products.

We are fully involved in enhancing the safety of both patients and healthcare personnel. The 3 primary areas of research are:

  • Disinfectants 
  • Antiseptics 
  • Products for the wound treatment

Almost 70 people dedicated to R&D. Innovation is an essential pillar of our growth strategy and of our success. It is not only the product of Research and Development but the creativity of our employees.
Performance is the primary objective for every one of us and it is the product of the competencies of all employees, our ability to continually rethink and question matters in order to advance, and our willingness to work together in teams.

Robert-Koch Strasse 2
22851 Norderstedt, Germany
Tel: +49 40 521000