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Air Liquide in Dominican Republic Healthcare Activity

Healthcare Activity

With 100% national coverage, Air Liquide Dominicana, through its 4 branches, distributes medicinal and therapeutic gases to clinics and hospitals in the public and private sectors.

Being the only supplier with locally sourced medicinal oxygen, it is positioned as a leader in the sector in terms of supply reliability, assistance, quality, and safety.

Our products

Medicinal oxygen

The molecule of life, used as a medical treatment in chronic and acute situations. 

Air Liquide Dominicana distributes medicinal oxygen following the strictest standards and regulations to guarantee safety in supply, use and storage.

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Medicinal air

Air Liquide Dominicana formulates medical air under the strictest quality standards, analyzing each tank individually in order to guarantee the correct levels of nitrogen and oxygen. Its main indications are:

  • Mechanical Ventilation: In anesthesia, resuscitation and ventilation as a feeding gas for respirators for assisted breathing.
  • Nebulization: In aerosol therapy (aerosol treatment) and as a gas vector (excipient).
  • Pneumatic equipment drive.

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Medical Nitrogen

Its properties make it a very useful gas for the conservation of all types of biological material. It is mainly used in cryosurgery, cryopreservation, and dermatology.

  • Cryosurgery: It acts directly on the cells thanks to the low temperatures reached.
  • Cryopreservation: Maintains human tissues at low temperatures, to be used in transplants and assisted reproduction.
  • Dermatology: Treats skin conditions and lesions.

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Medicinal carbon dioxide (CO2)

It is mainly intended for use in laparoscopies and computerized colonoscopies. Since it creates a camera or cavity that guarantees an accurate visualization and scanning for the diagnosis and in surgical intervention, obstetrics, urology, radiology, gynecology, and gastroenterology services.  

Additionally, in its dry ice form, it can be used in the refrigeration of pharmaceutical products and transport of samples and organs

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Mainly used in its liquid phase in the cooling of the magnets required for the diagnosis made with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, MRI, or EPR).

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Argon and special mixtures

Prepared under the highest quality standards, they are used in ophthalmic surgery, photocoagulation, and analysis procedures.

Our range of pure gases and mixtures for specific applications allows us to supply mixtures on demand, in combinations of 2 to 40 components and concentrations from % to ppb.

Safety data sheet

Our services

Medical installations

Our engineering department designs and executes projects such as:

  • Medical gas networks.
  • Manual, automatic, and semi-automatic gas manifolds.
  • Installation of cryogenic storage tanks.
  • Compression and vacuum units.


Our audit service ensures that your equipment operates correctly and safely, providing the correct gas flow to each patient. 

As a result, you will have a detailed report of all those points evaluated as they are: Equipment condition, leaks, non-conformities according to local and international regulations, etc.


We provide complete training for the personnel in contact with the medical gases we supply:

  • General concepts about the characteristics and use of medical gases.
  • Safe use of medical gases.
  • Pressurized elements.
  • Safe use of medical installations.
  • Temperatures below zero (cryogenics).

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Our remote tank-level monitoring service for bulk supply allows us to monitor your consumption to determine an optimal refueling point. 

Through our centralized telemetry service, our customers can visualize via the web and in real-time, their consumption levels and confirm deliveries.

Monitoreo remoto de tanques

Medical devices

  • Flow meters: Designed expressly to regulate the flow rate administered to the patient.
  • Pressure Regulators: Outlet pressure reducers for optimal administration.
  • Vacuum regulators for the aspiration of secretions.
  • Medical equipment such as ventilators and monitors.
  • Other accessories: Humidifiers, secretion collection cups, support for cylinders, etc.

Supply modes

Cylinders, liquid cylinders, dewars, and Tanks

Air Liquide offers reliable and safe supply modes to ensure the delivery of medical gases according to your volume requirements.