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Engineering & Construction


Large projects


Air Liquide in Dominican Republic Industrial activity

Industrial activity

Present in practically all sectors of the industry, at Air Liquide Dominicana we rely on the quality of our professionals and the competitiveness of our operations to accompany our customers and their development, offering them sustainable and innovative solutions adapted to their needs, thus guaranteeing compliance with increasingly strict regulations.

We have four branches nationwide in order to guarantee the supply of gases in a fast and safe way, based on a dedicated logistics network with 100% national coverage, long-term commitment, and more than 110 years of accumulated experience.

Independent professionals, craftsmen and small bus

Air Liquide offers a wide range of safe and reliable gas solutions for independent professionals, craftsmen, and small businesses in various industries through the supply of pure gases and mixtures for repair workshops, welding, and cutting.

We can provide you with the quantity of gas you need along with assistance and related equipment (regulators, flow meters, and consumables).

Food and Beverage

We serve the entire food supply chain, "farm to fork", with innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the highest health, quality, and safety standards for the benefit of the industry and consumers.

Whether it's freezing, modified atmosphere packaging for quality and flavor preservation, beverage carbonation, packaging rigidity, or inerting, our goal is to improve your productivity and extend the shelf life of your products.

We lead the industry in the safe production and reliable supply of premium industrial gases. We have applied this knowledge and experience to develop a dedicated food-grade gas brand: ALIGAL™.

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Construction and metal fabrication

Air Liquide helps the construction industry meet the growing demand for infrastructure with a wide range of safe and reliable gas solutions for cutting, welding, heat-treatment, and coating as well as concrete applications.

Pure gases and mixtures such as argon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, and hydrogen are supplied on a consumption basis in compressed or cryogenic gas tanks.

Mining and mineral processing

Air Liquide Dominicana offers a wide variety of industrial gases for the mining industry in their liquid or compressed state (O2, N2, Ar, CO2, C2H2) and makes available its line of specialty gases Alphagaz™ for laboratory tests and trials.

Our objective is to accompany our customers throughout their production processes, from the conception of the project Air Liquide Dominicana has dedicated experts who advise our clients according to each specific need.


Thanks to our unique technology and network of international experts, we can support you in improving the quality of the environment and the sustainability of your processes. 

We offer solutions focused on reducing emissions through oxy-combustion, improving wastewater treatment, and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations. In order to increase your production capacity, while minimizing the environmental impact of your operations.

Tratamiento biológico

Laboratories and research

We offer a wide variety of reliable laboratory-grade gases and mixtures designed specifically for various research applications like chromatographic analysis and mass spectrometry, as well as the necessary equipment for their handling. 

We serve both public research institutions and universities, as well as industrial research centers and testing laboratories. Using gases such as acetylene for atomic absorption AA and nitrous oxide with the highest purity and traceability in the market. 

All our products in stock or on-demand meet and exceed industry purity standards and are guaranteed through certificates and accreditations.

Folleto Alphagaz™

Pharmacy and biotechnology

We offer high-purity gases to ensure that the most rigorous regulatory requirements for quality, traceability, and control are met. 

Air Liquide supplies pharmaceutical, industrial and high purity gases, in order to guarantee reliability in the supply of gases and cryogenic liquids for cryopreservation, taking into account the safest methods in their handling.


To meet the diverse needs of the chemical, oil, and gas industry, we supply industrial gases in large quantities. As well as special gases for process control and environmental regulatory compliance.

To guarantee safety, we supply nitrogen during inerting and blanketing processes carried out during plant stops and maintenance.

Our services

Customer installations

Our engineering department designs and executes projects such as

  • Construction of industrial gas networks.
  • Installation and maintenance of manual, automatic, and semi-automatic gas manifolds.
  • Installation of cryogenic storage tanks.


Our audit services ensure that your equipment operates correctly and safely, providing the correct gas flow to each point of use. 

As a result, you will have a detailed report of the equipment condition, found leaks, non-conformities according to local and international regulations, etc.


We provide complete training for all personnel in contact with the gases we supply:

  • General concepts about the characteristics and use of industrial gases.
  • Safe use of industrial gases.
  • Pressurized elements.
  • Safe use of industrial gas installations.
  • Temperatures below zero (cryogenic).

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Monitoring for bulk supply using cell powered wireless telemetry units allows us to monitor your consumption to determine an optimal reordering point and ensure reliable operations. 

Through our centralized telemetry service, our customers can visualize via the web and in real-time, their consumption levels and deliveries.

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  • Flow meters: Designed specifically to regulate the flow rate.
  • Pressure regulators: Pressure reducers for all types of gas.
  • Diverse equipment: Such as gas mixers and analyzers.
  • Other accessories: Pressure gauges, filters, and valves.

Supply modes

Cylinders, liquid cylinders, dewars, and tanks

Air Liquide offers reliable and safe supply modes to cover all the needs of its customers in their production processes and the supply of industrial gases according to their purity, pressure, and volume requirements.