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Air Liquide Healthcare aims at providing customers in the continuum of care from hospital to home, with medical products, healthcare specialty ingredients and services that contribute to protect vulnerable lives. In Egypt, we provide a wide range of medical gases, equipments and services for hospitals and patients, through Air Liquide Egypt for hospitals and our affiliate VitalAire Egypt for homecare.

World leader in gases, services and technologies for Industry and Health, Air Liquide’s technologies and innovations support the Egyptian market in its shift from a culture of pure commodity towards a medical grade quality of products and healthcare services.

Understanding customers needs: following our successful cooperation and compliance with large Egyptian Healthcare providers in both public and private sectors, we propose the offer that adequately fits your needs and copes with modern business and technology changes, to ensure a reliable commitment in service and supply.

Healthcare dedicated team: the satisfaction of our customers and patients is our priority. With a dedicated team of experts, we honor our commitment to our customers by providing the latest technologies in the healthcare sector in a reliable and safe manner.

Development: Air Liquide Egypt acts as a consultant and partner more than a supplier to its customers, in order to maintain a sustainable business environment and fair competition practices in concordance with our mission statement and Code of Conduct.

Community Social Responsibility: As a major player in the Healthcare sector, Air Liquide Egypt has the vision and experience to give back by supporting the Egyptian community through a number of initiatives organised by local NGOs.

Our purpose: protecting vulnerable lives.

Air Liquide Egypt offers medical products and services in hospitals and homes across three domains:

  • Home Healthcare

Implementation of treatment, monitoring of patient compliance and services related to the care of patients suffering from chronic diseases through VitalAire Egypt.

VitalAire Egypt has been operating in Egypt since 2006 and today serves more than 600 patients all over the country to provide therapeutic solutions for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) & ventilation therapy.

  • Hospitals

We provide medical gases and related services for hospitals, clinics and ambulances. We are recognized for our expertise and the level of quality and professionalism we offer in the field of medical gases for hospital and clinic, integrating all local regulations and our Group toughest standards.

  • Hygiene

We provide hygiene products for disinfection in the medical environment as well as Medical Gases Apparatus, Cryogenic storage systems and related services like design, installation & maintenance of medical gases networks.

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