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Air Liquide Healthcare aims to provide customers in the continuum of care, from hospital to home with medical products, specialty ingredients and services that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives.

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Package Leaflet Information - Medicinal Oxygen Gas

Package Leaflet Information - Medicinal Oxygen Cryogenic

The Healthcare sector of Air Liquide Hellas is active since 1909, the first year of the company’s establishment in Greece. We have a unique expertise in planning, designing and constructing any kind of medical gas supply and distribution units, conforming to all the current specifications of the national and European legislation (ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 13485). Being part of a leading international group we have the privilege of collaborating with the most reliable suppliers all over the world, providing our customers with high tech equipment responding to their needs and demands, strictly under the legal norms concerning the medical products and equipment.

In the course of conducting our activities, we are constantly confronted with the vulnerability of life: patients facing painful surgical procedures in emergency rooms or operating theatres, exposed to the risk of hospital-acquired infections, patients suffering from chronic diseases or multiple pathologies, etc.

As a key player in health, Air Liquide Healthcare, is present throughout the care pathway – namely in prevention, treatment and follow up for patients. 

We offer products and services in the hospital and at home in 3 domains: medical gases, home healthcare and healthcare specialty ingredients.

In the hospital

In the Hospital

Our presence in all the major hospitals and clinics of the country proves our potential for a long term and fruitful cooperation.

Our long experience and technical know-how represent the guarantee for safety and sustainable operation of all our installations to our customers’ premises.

Our forces united in the Healthcare field.


Air Liquide produces and commericalizes all medical gases for diagnostic, curing and research purposes: Oxygene, Nitrogen, Nitrogen Protoxide, Mecial Gas, Helium as well as high purity gases and mixtures.  


Anestesia & Recuperation. Air Liquide designs, manufactures and commercializes worldwide a full range of equipment for anesthesia, recuperation as well as devices for the cure of respiratory diseases.

Cryogenics.  Cryogenics is a new technology necessary for science for preserving life itself.  Air Liquide is present in the cryogenics field.  The Group's know-how always focussed to the exploration of new solutions, makes our global offer more attractive:  from the offer of cryogenic boxes with the use of liquid nitrogen to the design and establishment of ready made full automated biological banks.


  • Logistics services for the products distribution
  • Design, Construction and Maintenance of medical gas distribution networks.
  • Analysis in the hospital area.
  • Medical gas analysis in the customer's site.
  • Training services to the Health professionals through seminars and workshops.
  • Consulting services.


Air Liquide Hellas assumes the responsibility of observing on a 24 hours basis the quantity of product in the tank established at the hospital, securing the non-stop product's provision.  

Therefore, through the telematic system TELEFLO developed by Air Liquide for the cryogenic tanks: we can control the smooth operation of the tanks established at the customer's site, a group of technicians, on a 24 hours basis, is updated through a specially made ALARM system and can on-time resolve potential problems or plan an emergency product delivery.



Hospital's traditional role has been altered.  Nowadays, more and more healthcare services are provided by the Homecare sector.  In this way, the patient can follow a more efficient treatment in the conveniency of his/her house.

Air Liquide Hellas has the major market share in the Homecare sector through its subsidiary VitalAire Hellas, based in Athens and holding customer service stores in Thessaloniki.

VitalAire, as an institution, is dedicated to the preservation of health. As a corporation it is the market leader always putting new quality and services standards.

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