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Michail SAVVAS

Business Development and Customer Installation Director

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We provide gas solutions to our customers, including industrial and specialty gases, application equipment and expertise, at every stage of your process. Across a multitude of industries, from multinational corporations to independent craftsmen, teams serve millions of customers and drive their performance and sustainability with inventiveness every day. By always ensuring practical innovation, strong customer proximity and long-term partnerships, Air Liquide moves industries forward.

Discover the innovative solution proposed by the Air Liquide for your activity or your need:

foob and beverage
Foob & Beverage

Food & Beverage

We supply the Food and Beverage industry with gases (nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen) both in liquid and gaseous form and pure gases and gas mixtures (ALIGAL™) dedicated for the Food & Beverage industry. Some applications of our products are: the enrichment of the glass houses atmosphere, the disinfection of cereals, the creation of inert atmosphere for the packaging of food like vegetables, meat, poultry etc, the inertization of food storage tanks, the bottling of beverages and water etc. We also provide the necessary equipment during all the stages of the food and beverage production line, from their collection in the field to their storage and consuming (cryogenic tunnels, BOREAL™ in winery etc).

waste and treatment
Waste and treatment

Waste Treatment

Recycling and use of solid waste

 ... Solid wastes can become precious

  1. Biogas cleaning through membrane - cost optimization.
  2. Recycling of Solid waste with the use of nitrogen (N2) - Safety, Increase of Production.
  3. Burning the solid waste with the use of oxygen (O2) - Better quality, less cost, increased potential.
  4. Solid waste analysis with the use of specialty gases - Safety and Reliability.

Energy saving • Clean energy ... with clever solutions

  1. Oxycombustion (O2) - Energy saving, higher combustion efficiency.
  2. Windows isolation with argon or krypton - Better efficiency of the heating system and decrease of energy loss.
  3. Use of special gases in the production of photovoltaic panels with the use of special gases - Recycling energy.
  4. Hydrogen and fuel cells - Clean energy, 0 pollutants.
  5. Gaseous H2, O2 and N2 on site production systems - No transport costs.

Water cleaning and analysis .... better water quality


Laboratories & Analysis

For many years now Air Liquide offers its clients a full line of products specialized for medical and biological laboratories, for research centers as well as for the laboratories of chemical and pharmaceuticals industry.

ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases

Air Liquide disposes two lines of pure gases ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ™ 2 according to strict specifications.

Ar, He, N2, H2

H2O < 3 ppm

O2 < 2 ppm

CnHm < 0,5 ppm

H2O < 0,5 ppm

O2 < 0,1 ppm

CO < 0,1 ppm

CO2 < 0,1 ppm

CnHm < 0,1 ppm

H2 < 0,1 ppm


H2O < 3 ppm

CnHm < 0,5 ppm

H2O < 0,5 ppm

CO < 0,1 ppm

CO2 < 0,1 ppm

CnHm < 0,1 ppm

H2 < 0,1 ppm


Bottles for laboratories are of two sizes B10 and B50. They are made of stainless steel and equipped with chrome coated copper valves as well as NRV-RPV valves.

Air Liquide can supply its customers with the gas mixtures specifically for their needs. We also provide the necessary high purity gases equipment for the laboratories and for the analysis activity. In Greece Air Liquide Hellas has two filling centres in Aspropyrgos and Thessaloniki.

Additionally, Air Liquide Hellas provides a full series of cryogenics vessels to its customers.


Metallurgy & Siderurgy

Air Liquide Hellas supplies Metallurgies and Siderurgies with industrial gases in both gaseous and liquid form and with all the necessary equipment.

Its offer is completed by the provision of customized services, depending on each customer's specific needs:

  • Improvement of steelworks productivity, energy efficiency and emission levels using oxygen
  • Transportation of pulverized coal to furnaces using nitrogen
  • Stainless steel manufacture using argon

The use of oxygen, nitrogen and argon improves productivity, increases efficiency and ameliorates the quality of the final product.

Air Liquide provides solutions for the increase of our customers' productivity and the improvement of their efficiency, through complete offers that apply environmental friendly technologies.

chemical industries
Chemical industries

Chemical Industries

You are active in the chemical industry, producing monomers, synthesis intermediates, polymers or fine chemical products. You are looking for suitable solutions to reduce costs and improve your performance in a fully environmentally-friendly way.

With its pipeline networks which are the most extensive in the world, its 335 air separation units and 50 hydrogen or carbon dioxide production units, Air Liquide is the premier supplier of energy and industrial gases for the world's chemical and petrochemical industries.

Air Liquide Hellas is the basic supplier of Refineries and other chemical plants in Greece, with innovative technologies. Our knowledge of the chemicals industry and our expertise in applications ideally position us to help our customers optimize their processes.

Our goal is to bring our clients’ projects to fruition and to suggest ever more appropriate gas and energy solutions: cost management, hazard reduction, production optimization, etc.

oil & gas

Oil & Gas

Air Liquide Hellas supplies refineries with industrial gases in both gaseous and liquid form and with all the necessary equipment. Its offer is completed by the provision of customized services, depending on its customers’ needs, thus giving added value to their products.

Hydrogen is used more frequently by refineries to desulfurize fuels and crack heavy hydrocarbons while oxygen is used to stimulate certain elements or to gasify petroleum residues. It is also used to transform natural gas into fuels or methanol.



Either for individual craftsmen or professionals working for an industry in welding and cutting business… Air Liquide has all the answers!

Air Liquide is the specialist in these processes, continuously looking for ways to improve its applications in its research centres. Air Liquide proposes complete solutions involving welding gases, equipments, services and consumables.

Leveraging on its long experience in this field, with more than 200 patents in welding and cutting and 250 specialists around the world, Air Liquide assures the access to innovative and perfectly adapted solutions.

Cylinder tops


We concentrated all of our customers’ demands and we created the cylinder ALTOP™, to efficiently satisfy them. ALTOP™ is a real revolution in gas cylinders. It is a ready-for-use system for oxygen, acetylene, argon and mixtures cylinder.

ALTOP™ saves resources and eliminates potential gas losses.

MINITOP™ MINITOP™ set consists of an oxygen and an acetylene bottle for clean, quick and efficient work. It is designed for customers interested in simple and safe work, as well as for those who find large cylinders difficult to handle. It is supplied with a specialized trolley for easy transfer.




ARCAL™ line is the new generation of welding gases covering the needs of the modern manufacturing technology. It is highly appreciated from the professional welders due to its guaranteed quality coming from the mixture’s stability during its usage.

TIG: Metal construction, Petrochemical Units, Pipelines construction, Shipyards, Production units and Maintenance Units.

MIG/ΜAG: Metal construction, Shipyards, Construction of traffic equipment, Production and Maintenace Units, Works in boilers, welding of aluminium and copper alloys.

LASAL™ The quality of the lasing gases line is determinant to insure reliability of laser sources, optics lifetime, beam stability and optimization of generated power. The assistant gases line during cutting provides high quality of manufactured products and high rate of productivity in order to optimize operating cost.



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