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Aiman Ezzat

Independent Director

Born in 1961 - Nationality French

  • Date of first appointment: May 2021
  • Start of current term: May 2021
  • End of current term: 2025

Holder of a MSc (Master of Sciences) in chemical engineering from École Supérieure de Chimie, Physique et Électronique de Lyon (France) and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management (UCLA), Aiman Ezzat joined the Capgemini Group in 1991, at Capgemini Consulting (now Capgemini Invent) where, in particular, he held the position of Global Head of Oil & Gas and Chemicals practice. Between 2000 and 2004, he managed the international operations of Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets, a consulting firm specializing in the technology used in the financial services sector, with clients based in Asia, North America and Europe. He then joined Capgemini, where he was appointed Deputy Director of Strategy in 2005, and then held several management positions: Chief Operating Officer (2007-2008) and Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services Global Business Unit (2008-2012), Chief Financial Officer (2012-2018) and then Group Chief Operating Officer in 2018. He has been Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini since May 2020.

Positions or activities outside the Air Liquide Group

  • Chief Executive Officer: Capgemini SE * (since May 2020)
  • Chief Operating Officer: Capgemini SE * (until May 2020)
  • Chairman: Capgemini Service SAS (since May 2020); Capgemini Latin America SAS (USA) (since May 2020); Altran Technologies SAS (since April 2020); Sogeti France 2005 SAS (since May 2018)
  • Chair of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer: Capgemini North America, Inc. (USA) (since May 2020)
  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Capgemini America, Inc. (USA) (since May 2020)
  • Director: Purpose Global PNC (USA) (since April 2020); Capgemini International BV (Netherlands) (since May 2020); Sogeti UK Ltd. (United Kingdom) (until July 1, 2020); Capgemini España S.L. (Spain) (until July 28, 2020); Capgemini Solutions Canada Inc. (Canada) (until June 19, 2020); Capgemini Technologies LLC (USA) (until June 19, 2020) ; Capgemini UK Plc (United Kingdom) (until July 1st, 2020), Capgemini (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd (China) (until November 4, 2020); Restaurant Application Development International (USA) (until June 19, 2020); Radi Holding LLC (USA) (until June 12, 2020)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board: Sogeti Nederland BV (Netherlands) (since December 2012)

(*) Listed companies are indicated by an asterisk.