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Air Liquide Laboratories (ALL)

Air Liquide Laboratories

Air Liquide Laboratories (ALL) supports Japanese and Asian affiliates with the development of inclusive solutions for the semiconductors, photovoltaic and flat panel display manufacturing companies. It is also expanding in new areas, including production, purification and analysis of ultra-high-purity gases as well as chemical supply.

Air Liquide R&D centers, hosting a wide range of competencies, support the Group in achieving the highest level of excellence in the technologies it provides to its customers. At ALL, the development of innovative solutions for the electronics industry is supported by 3 Global Labs:

  • Fine Chemicals Synthesis & Surface Science
  • Analytical Science
  • Material Science

Created in 1986, as the first Air Liquide R&D center in Asia, Air Liquide Laboratories (ALL) is located in the Japanese science city of Tsukuba, home of many national research institutes, industrial research centers and leading universities.
ALL promotes the Group's technologies throughout the region and provides technical assistance to customers in Japan and Asia.

Air Liquide Laboratories
28 Wadai, Tsukuba
Ibaraki 300-4247, Japan
Tel: +81 (0) 298 879 0050