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Air Liquide maritime

Air Liquide Maritime

Conquering new maritime markets

Air Liquide Maritime develops gas usages by offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind turbines, and cryogenic transportation by sea of high value-added molecules.

offshore wind turbines
Offshore wind turbines.

Our mission

Air Liquide Maritime aims at developing gas usages by the actors in the maritime sector, such as:

  • offshore oil and gas platforms (construction and maintenance, inerting, support to drilling, analytical services, diving gases)
  • drilling vessels, Floating Production Units (FPU), Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units (FPSO), Pipe Lay Support Vessels (PLSV) and Diving Support Vessels (DSV)
  • offshore wind turbines
  • cryogenic transportation by sea of high value-added molecules, such as helium, argon, carbon dioxide or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
The maritime sector is a new market for Air Liquide, adjacent to its core business

Air Liquide Maritime is characterized by a strong customer focus, agile teams and entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, Air Liquide Maritime fully contributes to incubating new ideas.

Our organization

Present in


As part of Global Markets & Technologies, which focuses on new markets requiring a global approach, Air Liquide Maritime’s international organization covers around 30 countries.

Our realizations

Focus on


Air Liquide Maritime helps offshore actors extract oil and gas resources safely and efficiently. We are a reliable partner who can provide optimum solutions anytime and anywhere around the world.

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Worldwide Expertise in the Offshore Value Chain

Air Liquide Maritime is present in more than 90% of all offshore supply bases worldwide. It is this presence that allows us to work with our customers at every stage of their activity cycle.

Thanks to our global presence, we operate in more than 90% of offshore supply bases.

We provide offshore actors with the best possible products, services and capabilities for their operations in compliance with the highest offshore quality and safety standards.

Thanks to our “one stop shop” offer, we are able to optimize our service quality and boost our customers’ performance while minimizing complexity and risk.

Our Offshore Offer

The quality of our products and the safety with which we deliver them drive everything we do. To this end, we are a dependable partner for:

To this end, we are a dependable partner for:

  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Subsea Works
  • Well Services
  • Analytical Services & Process control
  • Support Services and Living quarters

Our gases are delivered in cylinders, bundles, liquid containers or produced on-site. All products are continuously analyzed during manufacturing and controlled before delivery, in the respect of local and international regulations (ISO, DNV, ABS).

Our web based equipment tracking system enables both clients and suppliers to remotely locate fleet assets at all times.

As a result, Air Liquide Maritime is a recognized offshore partner along the entire value chain giving to the offshore actors the quality, expertise and innovative drive they need.


QUAD+, a breakthrough in the Oil & Gas offshore market

Air Liquide Maritime has developed QUAD+, a compact equipment used to store a set of interconnected cylinders and distribute the gas they contain in a safe and efficient way used for the following activities in the Oil & Gas market: construction and maintenance, subsea works and well services.

More about QUAD+

QUAD+ customer presentation

Logistic activity

Our logistic activity gathers all our services of cryogenic transportation of molecules, including high value-added molecules: helium, argon, carbon dioxide and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). 

Our logistic services are adaptable to our customers’ needs, from rental of ISO containers to door-to-door transportation. We offer multimodal transportation services, involving in particular maritime transport.

Cryogenic container.

Our fleet has more than 750 containers available for our various logistic activities and covering the entire world. The presence of Air Liquide in 80 countries leverages our logistic capacities.

On the cutting edge of technology, our containers allow us to transport effectively high value-added molecules such as helium at temperatures close to absolute zero. The temperature is maintained at a lowest level during transport thanks to a liquid nitrogen layer. Our containers rely on Air Liquide’s expertise in cryogenic technologies and ensure a secure and reliable supply.

Extract from our tracking system showing the geolocalization of containers used for helium on June 13, 2016. Full containers are displayed in blue, empty ones in red.

Combinated with our advanced planning software, our tracking system allows us to ensure the real time tracking of our containers, for helium in particular. It contributes to the efficiency of our logistic activity and enables us to inform perfectly our clients of the geolocalization of the containers.

Our containers are also equipped with connected sensors in order to control permanently main parameters such as temperature and pressure enabling us to optimize our supply chain.

Focus on


Today, Air Liquide is the leader of the helium worldwide market.

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Helium is used in numerous industrial sectors, including medical equipment (MRI), electronics, aerospace engineering, fiber optics and welding.

Although helium is the second most abundant gas in the universe, it is relatively rare on the earth and thus considered as one of the most precious elements.

Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, inert gas. Along with argon, krypton, xenon and neon, which share similar properties, helium is classified as a noble gas (or rare gas). Helium has the lowest boiling point of all elements (-269°C).

Helium is sourced from natural gas fields and is extracted during the natural gas liquefaction process. Air Liquide is present along the entire supply chain, from extraction to distribution.

Helium extraction: construction of the largest helium extraction unit in Qatar

Air Liquide started up the world’s largest helium purification and liquefaction unit, a turnkey project at Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar. The high technologies Air Liquide uses to purify and liquefy helium at a very low temperature (-269°C) are proprietary. This helium liquefier is operated by the gas company RasGas. Under a long-term agreement with RasGas and Qatargas, Air Liquide purchases 50% of the helium volumes produced by this unit.

Worldwide transport and distribution of helium

Helium from several sources around the world, including in Qatar, is transferred by maritime transport to Air Liquide centers. The precious gas is then distributed to the clients of the Group. Our containers, transporting 36,000 liters of liquefied helium at -270°C, are equipped with a GPS tracking system developed by Air Liquide. They constitute one of the most important fleets of helium containers with a fully digitalized piloting. In addition, Air Liquide now operates the world’s first pure helium storage facility, located in Germany.

On the rare gases market, Air Liquide is also world leader for xenon. In 2016, two multi-year contracts have been signed for the supply of high purity xenon in the all-electric propulsion satellite market.

Le monde moderne dépend de l'hélium
Discover helium

Health, telecommunications, deep-sea diving, space exploration... The modern world depends on helium. Air Liquide's cutting-edge technology makes us a major supplier of this essential gas.