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Sustainable developement


Being engaged in an active dialogue with all stakeholders

It is by talking continuously and extensively with our stakeholders and collaborating and working together with them we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our stakeholders are our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and investors, governments, NGOs, etc.

For example, when we exchange with some of our clients from the world of energy on new investment projects, we integrate the environmental impact into our thinking and consult local stakeholders to assess this impact.

Similarly, in 2015 we initiated a consultation with our stakeholders on the issue of Social Responsibility (CSR). This led to the release of a Sustainability Report for the first time, mapping the 10 CSR issues most relevant to Air Liquide.

Mapping of Air Liquide's CSR Stakes

Mapping of Air Liquide's CSR Stakes

* Particularly for climate change and air quality.
** Including the safety of Group employees, subcontractors, and temporary workers; the safety of Air Liquide facilities, product transport safety; safety of products and their implementation at the customers' sites.

In the area of health, the Group works with several patient organizations to better integrate their needs into the development of new services. For example, the Group is a partner of the European Federation of Associations of patients with respiratory or allergic diseases.

As regards individual shareholders, a Communication Committee consisting of 12 Air Liquide shareholders, chaired by Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of the Group, is regularly consulted on the projects developed for shareholders. Outside the plenary meetings, the Committee is involved throughout the year through working groups on topics that are at the heart of the concerns of shareholders.

In the context of exchanges between suppliers and the Group Purchasing Department, evaluations of the CSR performance of suppliers are regularly carried out to adapt the approach of Air Liquide to the CSR challenges these providers face.

The Group also deploys social actions to benefit communities in the regions where it operates by involving its employees and its sites. These are either social entrepreneurship projects or projects conducted by the Air Liquide Foundation.

The Air Liquide Foundation demonstrates the Group's commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and to supporting projects in countries where the Group operates. It has three missions:

  • Support for scientific research devoted to the preservation of our planet
  • Support for scientific research that helps improve respiratory function
  • Support for micro-initiatives that promote local development

Each project is supported by an Air Liquide volunteer.