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Air Liquide brings together 67,200 men and women of more than 150 nationalities, in 80 countries, who form multicultural teams with a host of skills.

Air Liquide has 67,200 employees in 2019, an increase of just over 50% over the last ten years.

Air liquide Breakdown employees per geographic areas : 40% in americas, 38% in europe, 4% in Middle-east and Africa, 18% in Asia Pacific

More than 150 different nationalities are employed by the Group.

Approximately 500 employees are expatriated within the Group.

The Group has international exchange programs to attract and train young talents: the ALLEX program for engineers and professionals and the EVE program for vocational employees (more than 500 people since they were set up).

Our Human Resources objectives

Our objectives are to increase the number of women among managers and professionals to 35% and hire 33% of recent graduates among managers and professionals by 2025.

Employee engagement

In order to reinforce well-being in the workplace at Air Liquide, various actions have been implemented in the Group

  • Collective feedback: Air Liquide has launched “MyVoice”, a program similar to the “Voice of Customer” project introduced as part of the customer-centric NEOS company program. This program has been designed to encourage feedback from employees and to rapidly implement measures resulting from this feedback to improve the Employee Experience at Air Liquide. Over 12,700 employees were asked to respond to the MyVoice survey in 2019. Broader deployment is planned for 2020 before the program becomes an annual one for all entities in 2021.
  • Well-being at work: for sustainable commitment and performance. Co-designed with Air Liquide European Works Council,  “Care & Perform” defines seven principles and rules to promote the well-being and mental health of employees for long-term commitment and performance. These principles cover topics such as workplace relationships, the right to disconnect, respect for private life and inclusion.
  • Work-life balance of employees (support for new parents, access to service platforms and expertise, raising awareness of health-related issues). Working from home or mobile work is widespread among several of the Group’s entities. This approach is a response to employees’ wishes in terms of work-life balance.

Evolving skills

The objective is to set up an effective action plan to help employees evolve with their job. In 2019, around 70% of employees will have received at least one day of training during the year.

Air Liquide : Breakdown of training topics


Inclusion and diversity


Key figures

Air Liquide has 26% women among its employees, 29% of women among its Managers and Professionals and 35% women are sitting at the Executive Committee (excluding corporate officers).


Our “HandivAirsity” approach

The Group has continued to deploy its disability policy, which is now called HandivAirsity, in order to expand its inclusive culture to Europe and further promote the integration of employees with disabilities within the company.

Since its creation, more than 1,300 employees from 23 different countries have signed the HandivAirsity Charter that encourages employees to maintain the momentum by taking part in concrete measures. More than one hundred events were organized during the 2019 Disabilities Week.