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Sustainable developement

Helping customers lower greenhouse gas emissions

Contribute to cleaner industries

Many products and services supplied by the Group to its customers allow them to reduce their own carbon dioxide emissions and improve their own environmental footprint.

Air Liquide estimates that the use of oxygen provided for these two applications in 2015 allowed its customers to avoid 10.6 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Overall, over 40% of Group sales come from applications related to protecting life and preserving the environment.

Air Liquide - 2014 Breakdown of Group's sales that help protect life and the environment

By providing its expertise to its customers, Air  Liquide develops and off ers solutions that contribute to cleaner industries as shown in the examples listed below:

Heat oxy-combustion

Heat oxy-combustion is an innovative technology which makes the oxycombustion process even more efficient. It consists of extracting heat from combustion fumes in order to heat oxygen and fuel, thus improving the performance of the process by 10%. Compared to air combustion, this technology provides up to 50% energy savings and up to 50% CO2 emission reduction. Moreover, these oxycombustion technologies reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of glass furnaces by 60% to 95%. So far, this technology has been implemented in several glass production factories in Europe owned by leaders in the sector. It is of particular interest for the Chinese market which represents about 50% of worldwide glass production. Therefore, the Group contributes to the improvement of air quality by enabling its customers in the glass industry to lower their nitrogen oxide emissions while increasing their energy efficiency.

Solidia Technologies

The partnership between Air  Liquide and US start-up Solidia Technologies developed and marketed a “sustainable concrete”. The Solidia process replaces water with carbon dioxide (CO2) in order to harden concrete. This new generation of cement enables the whole industrial chain to reduce the environmental footprint of the pre-cast concrete by up to 70%. This breakthrough technology also reduces the hardening time of the concrete to less than 24 hours and the required amount of water. In addition to capturing large quantities of CO2, the quality of the concrete achieved is greatly improved. Air  Liquide will supply the new carbon dioxide injection equipment for production of the Solidia Concrete™ and will be the benchmark global supplier of the gas used in the patented processes of Solidia Technologies.