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Engineering & Construction


Large projects

Laboratoire combustion du CRCD

R&D competences
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The Scientific Direction establishes the technological roadmaps and develop research projects in partnerships with universities and companies, in the framework of strategic partnerships.

Improving industrial competitiveness and minimizing energy consumption.

Process engineering

To produce molecules (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen) in a more efficient and environment friendly way, our research teams improve the industrial competitiveness of the factories while minimizing energy consumption and the impact on the environment, optimizing costs, manufacturing yield, reliability, and while ensuring operating safety:

  • Cryogenic production of air and rare gases
  • Methane reforming to produce hydrogen and syngas while retrieving CO2 (Cryocap™)
  • Chemical conversion of syngas and hydrogen to produce fuel and chemicals
  • Separation and purification processes - adsorption, absorption, distillation, membranes
Developing new gas mixtures.

Design and manufacturing

Researchers and experts develop new gas mixture to improve implementation of new manufacturing processes and technologies and imagine new ones such as:

  • Additive manufacturing (FAIR project)
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Industrial vision
  • Ergonomics
Developing gas applications relying on biology.

Life sciences

Development of gas applications relying on biology and food sciences. Cryogenics and gas injection skills, combined with industrial expertise, enable to develop innovative technologies and processes that require gases, such as:

  • Water treatment
  • Paper pulp production
  • Biofuel production
  • Food preservation and freezing
Laboratoire photovoltaïque du CRCD
Gathering a unique pool of skills in the field of fine chemicals and surface science.

Fine chemical synthesis and surface science

Our team gather unique pool of skills dedicated to surface treatment and coating required in the following industries: electronics, photovoltaics, LED, glass coating.

  • Synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds
  • Study of material interfaces and plasma processes
  • Development of new processes
  • Deposition

In an Open Innovation approach, Air Liquide is a founder member of the Institut de transition énergétique IPVF (Institut Photovoltaïque d’île de France), for the energy transition.

Laboratoire combustion du CRCD
Developing innovative processes and designing new burners for oxy-combustion.


Development of processes and design of specific burners for oxy-combustion to create efficient applications for customers. By replacing air with oxygen, the oxy-combustion process enables industrial players to reduce their CO2 and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions, such emissions are harmful to mankind and the environment. This technology won the COP21 Innovation Prize in the late 2015.

Laboratoire Science des Matériaux du CRCD
Increasing the efficiency, lifetime, reliability and safety of processes and applications.

Material science

With a good knowledge of materials and their behavior, and by mastering their properties, we can increase processes’ and applications’ efficiency, lifetime, reliability, and safety, as well as deliver new offers:

  • Optimization of functional materials
  • Surface functionalization
  • Manufacturing technologies and their impact on material properties
  • Compatibility of materials with their environment
  • Mechanical properties and integrity of structural materials

The FAIR project illustrates the application of these competencies applied to additive manufacturing.

Obtaining informations on the composition and nature of samples.

Analytical science

Study of the separation, identification and quantification of gases, liquids and solids. Development and application of new or existing methods, instrumentation and strategies to obtain information about the composition and nature of the sample:

  • Development of mixtures for environmental compliance (automobile, energy, industries...)
  • Tolerance improvement in gas mixtures for optimized processes
Mobilizing skills to improve safety, performance and open new markets.

Applied mathematics

Development of innovative solutions supporting supply chain optimization, production units, and connected devices. Skills dedicated to delivering increased safety and performance, and opening new markets:

  • Process advanced control
  • Operational research and logistics
  • Data analysis
  • Embedded intelligence, sensors
  • Digital modeling and simulation

Healthcare, a dedicated medical team

Our approach in medical R&D brings together physicians, engineers, pharmacists, lung experts, specialists in anesthesiology and in pain management.

Our interdisciplinary team work in fundamental and exploratory research, manage international pre-clinical and clinical studies in different fields: respiratory, anesthesiologists, analgesia.

m-Lab community

Launched in October 2015, the m-Lab (molecule-Lab) is the Air Liquide scientific community dedicated to the Essential Small Molecules territory.