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Being engaged in an active dialogue with all stakeholders

For Air Liquide, to strengthen dialog with Group employees, customers and patients, shareholders, suppliers, local communities and the public sphere is a strategic objective which contributes directly to the responsible growth that the Group seeks to implement. Through these ongoing discussions, the Group is committed to take into account their issues, identify priority development issues and share its ambition to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Group employees

Air Liquide brings together 67,200 men and women of more than 150 nationalities in 80 countries, forming multi-cultural teams with a host of skills. The Group strives to promote this diversity, encourage innovation and employee commitment to meet its customers' expectations and guarantee its long-term performance.

Since 2018, Human Resources is committed to achieving the following 2025 objectives:

  • 35% of women among Group managers and professionals.
  • 33% of young graduates among managers and professional recruitments.

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Air Liquide is a major world player in home healthcare, an expert in chronic disease follow up at home, and supplier of medical gases and hygiene products for hospitals, its 16,500 men and women support 1.7 million patients at home and 15,000 hospitals and clinics, in more than 35 countries.

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Air Liquide meets the needs of two million industrial customers worldwide. These customers come from sectors as diverse as steel, agribusiness, electronics and handicrafts. The Group’s objective is to support its customers by gaining an in-depth knowledge of their business, allowing it to provide them with services and solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

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Sustainable procurement

The Group attaches great importance to the ability of its suppliers to offer long-term partnerships and to ensure a high level of safety, reliability, competitiveness and innovation, while guaranteeing that ethics and sustainable development are also taken into account.

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Shareholders and investors

For more than a century, the Group has fostered a close relationship with its shareholders, who are institutional investors and individuals. They are an integral part of its culture. Air Liquide’s individual shareholders have supported the Group since its creation and still represent 32% of its share capital. They support the Group’s growth through their loyalty, which allows Air Liquide to implement a long-term profitable growth strategy, based in particular on projects and long-term investments. Air Liquide attaches great importance to its relationship with its individual shareholders and institutional investors and maintains regular and high-quality dialog within them in a transparent manner.

Local communities

The Group implements social measures in favor of the communities in the regions in which it operates, in partnership with its employees and its sites. These can be social entrepreneurial projects or projects led by the Fondation Air Liquide, for which the means have been increased (5 million euros over 5 years). They highlight Air Liquide’s commitment to being a responsible company. Furthermore, it is as part of this objective that Air Liquide is developing new forms of initiatives: “Inclusive Business” which sets up activities with a two-fold objective: the social impact of working with those at the bottom of the social pyramid to integrate them within our value chain and the economic viability to cement these initiatives over the long term.

The public sphere

Air Liquide works with the public authorities in each country in which it does business in a constructive and transparent manner, following ethical rules and applying political neutrality. All of the Group's actions respect the official lobbying regulations in force in the countries in which it is present.

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