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Community-based healthcare

Supporting patients all along the care pathway

In addition to hospitals, many community care facilities and professionals play an essential role in helping patients throughout the care pathway: General practitioners or specialists, dentists, nursing homes, ambulance staff, etc. The organization of care must meet challenges regarding access, integration, efficiency, and the simplification of patients’ care pathway. Air Liquide has solutions that meet the specific needs of these new places of care, in particular in terms of usage, mobility, and responsiveness, as well as long-term care solutions for complex patients.

Rising to the challenge of the organization of care means enabling every patient to receive the right treatment, from the right healthcare professionals, in adequate premises located near their home and at the right point in their care pathway. Air Liquide helps to ensure that everyone receives the right care, whether they be in hospital, in a healthcare facility, or at home.

Day-to-day healthcare

Primary care is often a patient’s first contact with the healthcare system. It is mainly coordinated by general practitioners and family doctors, in contact with specialists (dentists, dermatologists, pneumologists, etc.), or other healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, nurses, etc.). The role of the GP includes educating patients on health, prevention, and screening, as well as diagnosis and patient care and the coordination of care as a whole.

Air Liquide’s medical gases and related services have many applications in doctor’s surgeries, as well as in mobile situations and in first aid, diagnostic or therapeutic applications (dermatology, laparoscopy), pain management, and treating life-threatening conditions.

Nursing and care homes

In addition to hospitals, patients have easier access to specialized care facilities near their homes (for people with disabilities or patients in convalescence following an operation, an illness, or an accident), nursing homes, out-patient centers, clinics, etc.

With a view to providing a coordinated pathway, Air Liquide cares for patients suffering from complex chronic diseases that require long-term care in their home or in community care facilities.

Air Liquide supplies oxygen therapy solutions that are best suited to the needs of the patient and the conditions of use; for when they are resting or during their everyday activities, in emergency situations, or for travel.
Ana Orbegozo Aramburu

Director of Matia Fundazioa Nursing home, Spain

“In collaboration with Air Liquide, our number-one challenge is to supply our patients with high-quality care in order to ensure their comfort and well-being in our nursing homes. (…) Beyond therapeutic solutions, we need to be attentive to the patients’ needs and understand them in their environment”.

Mobile emergency services

When patients’ lives are at risk, care dispensed by first aid teams, emergency services or during transportation (fire services, ambulance staff, mountain helicopter rescue, Red Cross) requires appropriate mobility solutions that are portable, reliable, and effective.

Air Liquide provides these healthcare professionals with solutions that are suited to emergency situations and transportation.

Francesco Cattaneo

President of Croce Azzurra Onlus, Italy

“We work actively on the quality of our service, in particular through regular training, and we are constantly looking for new solutions to gain in efficiency. Air Liquide supplies us with technical solutions that meet our need for mobility and reassure patients when they come into our care”.

Complex patient care

Many patients, often elderly, require complex long-term care. They want to live as independently as possible, to simplify their care pathway, and to improve their health and quality of life while reducing their healthcare costs.

In collaboration with their GP, Air Liquide manages the continuum of care for patients in the most critical conditions by coordinating multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals in their homes or in dedicated care homes.

Focus - Medicasa, Italie

Medicasa coordinates the home interventions of health professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, etc.) to execute care plans adapted to the patient's level of complexity. In particular, its teams take care of dependent patients with complex needs: clinical nutrition, infusion, respiratory assistance, nursing care and rehabilitation.

Medicasa ensures the continuity of care from hospital to home for patients with chronic illnesses through specially designed programs.


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