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Air Liquide in India Agriculture

Carbon Dioxide for Greenhouses

Air Liquide’s carbon dioxide (CO2) boosting solution can help increase the yield and growth rate of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers cultivated in greenhouses. Achieving ideal carbon dioxide levels to produce flourishing plants, faster crop maturity and larger cash crops requires know-how. Our specialists work closely with customers in the fruits and vegetables, floral and cannabis sectors to assess and integrate customized solutions into greenhouse cultivation practices. Our carbon dioxide offer for greenhouses is based on standards set by the Food Chemical Codex.

Gases : Carbon Dioxide


Fire Suppression

Many agricultural commodities are flammable. For example, grain dust is explosive and stored nuts can burn. However, combustion requires oxygen and shielding the flammable commodity from oxygen can prevent fire or explosion. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are commonly used for this application.  

Gases : Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Controlling the atmosphere around a food product is key to extending product shelf life while maintaining freshness and attractiveness. Our experts understand the importance of gas flush packaging, a process that replaces package headspace with a beneficial gas or mixture of gases to dramatically slow bacterial growth and oxidative reactions. With Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), extending quality shelf life results in fewer product returns, less waste and higher customer satisfaction, and allows for manufacturing and distribution optimization. Air Liquide was one of the first to gain patents in modified atmosphere solutions. Our experts understand that packaging material and equipment are every bit as important as the right mixture of gas. Our technical support teams are in the field providing on-the-spot expertise for gas packaging. 

Gases : Argon ALIGAL Gases Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen Oxygen

Brands : ALIGAL™ is Air Liquide's premier brand for food and beverage gases and equipment. ALIGAL solutions can be customized to meet your quality, hygienic and operational requirements.