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Air Liquide in India Beverages - Non Carbonated


Some beverages contain components that are very susceptible to oxidation evidenced as color and flavor change that occurs during distribution.  As little as 10 ppm of oxygen, given enough elapsed time during distribution, has been known to cause these oxidation changes. Sparging an inert gas through the beverage prior to storage and bottling will reduce the residual oxygen retained in the beverage to as little as 1 to 3 ppm, greatly extending the quality life of the beverage.   

Gases : Argon Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Dosing and Purging

Liquid nitrogen dosing (LIN dosing) is a unique process that helps maintain beverage quality as well as optimum shelf life. Drops of liquid nitrogen are introduced in the bottling and canning process to help drive out atmospheric air and reduce oxygen in the liquid. 

Gases : Air Liquide supplies liquid nitrogen in bulk for dosing and purging applications, as well as related equipment and services



Inerting, Blanketing and Sparging

Oxidation occurs when the empty headspace around a product contains moisture and oxygen, causing a negative effect on the surrounding product. Inerting, blanketing and sparging are three of the most common ways to combat oxidation by eliminating the atmospheric oxygen around a product. By replacing the oxygen with high-purity nitrogen, the empty headspace is filled with a dry and inert gas.

Gases : ALIGAL Gases Argon Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Controlling the atmosphere around a product is key to extending product shelf life while maintaining freshness and attractiveness. Our experts understand the importance of gas flush packaging, a process that replaces package headspace with a beneficial gas or mixture of gases to dramatically slow bacterial growth and oxidative reactions. With MAP, extending quality shelf life results in fewer product returns, less waste and higher customer satisfaction, and allows for manufacturing and distribution optimization.

Air Liquide was one of the first to gain patents in modified atmosphere solutions. Our experts understand that packaging material and equipment is every bit as important as the right mixture of gas. Our technical support teams are in the field providing on-the-spot expertise for gas packaging.

Gases : Oxygen ALIGAL Gases Argon Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Oxygenation of Wastewater

Using oxygen to increase the dissolved oxygen content of wastewater results in better system health and operability. If the current system is unable to handle increased loading or more stringent discharge requirements, then oxygen can be a low-cost solution in lieu of a major capital investment.

Dissolved oxygen can be impacted by our wastewater treatment solutions.  The removal of excess gases from air injection can be an easy way to decrease VOC emissions. Our oxygen injection systems can also reduce the amount of BOD and COD in water treatment plants and meet even the strictest water permit limits.

Gases : Oxygen

Equipment : We offer equipment to meet specific oxygen consumption requirements, including VESTAL, VentoxAL, TurboxAL, PoroxAL, as well as spargers and other devices


pH control

Using carbon dioxide to control the pH of a site's wastewater offers measurable safety and cost advantages over treatment systems that employ toxic and corrosive mineral acids such as sulfuric acid. Carbon dioxide is a safer alternative that minimizes environmental exposure and the risk of catastrophic accidental injuries. This low-cost treatment option substantially reduces the ongoing process, infrastructure, maintenance and compliance costs. In addition, our carbon dioxide pH control solution reduces the high cost required to deliver, store and use hazardous mineral acids – including the ongoing degradation costs of equipment exposed to the corrosive effects of acid.

Gases : Carbon Dioxide



Pressurizing lightweight beverage containers, especially for bottled waters, is environmentally responsible and cost-effective. By increasing internal bottle pressure, a bottle becomes much more rigid when filled and capped. This is typically done by dropping a very small drop of liquid nitrogen into each bottle and then filling the water or other beverage on top of the liquid nitrogen.  The nitrogen vaporizes and expands approximately 700 times to create a positive pressure inside the bottle.  

Gases : Nitrogen


Wastewater Treatment

Using the resources of water responsibly and respecting the environment in dealing with wastewater effluent requires innovative and efficient solutions. Air Liquide has developed a range of applications and technologies for managing wastewater treatment. Our solutions put safety and the environment first. For more information about our wastewater treatment offers, visit our Environment page.

Gases : Carbon Dioxide Oxygen

Equipment : We offer equipment to meet specific oxygen consumption requirements, including VESTAL, VentoxAL, TurboxAL, PoroxAL, as well as spargers and other devices.