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Air Liquide in India Dairy Based Beverages

Inerting, Blanketing and Sparging

Creating an inert atmosphere through control of oxygen levels prevents beverage products from oxidizing and spoiling and helps to preserve their chemical makeup. Air Liquide’s inerting, blanketing and sparging applications address this challenge by eliminating or minimizing contact with air, extending shelf life, and maintaining important qualities like taste, color and texture. Our inerting solutions are tailored to fit customer needs for oxidation control and can be integrated with processing and packaging systems.

Gases : ALIGAL Gases Argon Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Wastewater Treatment

Using the resources of water responsibly and respecting the environment in dealing with wastewater effluent requires innovative and efficient solutions. Air Liquide has also developed a range of applications and technologies for managing wastewater treatment. Our solutions put safety and the environment first. For more information about our wastewater treatment offers, visit our Environment page.

Gases : Carbon Dioxide Oxygen