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Engineering & Construction

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction builds the Group's production units and supplies external customers with its portfolio of technologies. We are now an important engineering center within the Air Liquide network, offering an end-to-end technology service portfolio.

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Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India, having expertise in process design, detail engineering and procurement of relevant equipment, delivers end to end solutions in the areas of air separation units, gas treating units, sulphur recovery units, hydrogen and syngas generation units, and oleochemical plants. It has a proven history of serving major steel companies, petrochemicals, refineries and oleochemical industries in the country.

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Designing local solutions with global capabilities

From its Delhi center, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India Private Limited serves mainly the Indian markets by providing an array of technologies. In addition, it contributes detailed engineering services to other Engineering & Construction offices worldwide, as well as support to ongoing projects in the Middle East.

Delhi center also undertakes Pre Feasibility Studies, Detailed Feasibility Studies, Project Management Consultancy Services and additional services such as Site Supervision and commissioning assistance.

Our major customers include:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel
  • Oleo Chemicals
  • SynGas Production, Treatment & Downstream processes

Air Separation Units

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India develops solutions and front end engineering for air separation units and nitrogen plants. The India centre has carried out process design of ASUs packages of up to 1800 tonnes-per-day in capacity. The Centre also offers its own standard plant named the Standard integrated liquid plant air liquide (SILPA). Since 2005, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India has engineered and supplied 16 air separation plants. It has also designed, engineered and supplied 10 SILPA plants.


The term “HyCO” stands for hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The technology referred  to is the production of hydrogen by reforming of naphtha or natural gas, using steam over a catalyst. The process is also called steam-methane reforming. In the recent years, the centre has developed the capability to deliver process design packages executed in-house, the most recent being a process design package of a 2 x 100,000 Nm³/hr hydrogen plant.

Rectisol Units

A Rectisol Unit is a gas cleaning step downstream of a gasification unit. Certain acidic components like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide are generated during gasification. The Rectisol unit eliminates these acidic components. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India is a centre of excellence in Rectisol Technology. In the last 5 years, the centre has carried out process design packages for 20 such plants worldwide. The capabilities also include mechanical design checks, operator training and start-up support, as well as troubleshooting services in Rectisol plants.

Sulphur Recovery Unit

Sulphur recovery units are needed in operations where the feed contains sulphur compounds which are to be removed during processing. Typical industries include oil refineries and synthesis gas production. In the recent years, the centre has developed in-house capabilities to deliver process design packages. The centre can also provide expert support in start-up operations.


Oleochemicals is a branch of science that deals with processing of vegetable oils to produce biodiesel, fatty acids, glycerine and fatty alcohols which have several applications. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction India specializes in executing process design packages for a number of these technologies namely, fat splitting, glycerine distillation, and fatty acid fractionation. The India center has been involved in the design and execution of 4 such projects.

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