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Air Liquide in India Food Processing

Cheese Processing

Air Liquide has global experience in use of gases for cheese processing and packaging applications. Carbon dioxide is used for chilling, adjusting acidity and packaging. Shredded cheese if very commonly packaged with a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, both of which are fungistatic and prevents clumping of the shredded products. The fungistatic properties of ALIGAL™ result in extended shelf life.

Gases : ALIGAL Gases Carbon Dioxide



Air Liquide provides a wide range of chilling services that meet the industry’s varied needs and help maintain quality and freshness. Whether it’s preserving food quality during the grinding and mixing process, producing dry ice in a safe and sanitary environment, or moving temperature-sensitive foods via refrigerated transport, Air Liquide will develop custom solutions to meet your requirements – all while helping to improve productivity.

Gases : Air Liquide supplies food-grade liquid nitrogen as well as carbon dioxide in the liquid and solid (dry ice) state.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen



Cryogenic coating is an efficient and cost-effective batch process for coating food products such as baked goods, pastas, meats and seafood. Our specialists understand the importance of fast cycle times, high-quality coating and coating thickness. Our cryo-coating solution ensures even and quick coating while preserving the attractive appearance and high quality, and can be customized for a broad range of batch food production lines. Precisely calibrated tumbling ensures the even blending of process sauces and liquid cryogen (either nitrogen or carbon dioxide) in alternating injection, resulting in enhanced batch quality control and improved productivity.

Gases : Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Cryo-Mechanical Freezing

Using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, cryo-mechanical freezing can boost the capacity of a mechanical freezer and obtain enhanced yields while retaining essential moisture and minimizing damage to wet or sticky foods. Our specialists have developed a range of applications to enhance mechanical freezing processes by integrating systems such as cryogenic freezing tunnels or immersion freezers that quickly crust and encapsulate the outer surface and lock in moisture.

Our cryogenic freezing systems can interface with your mechanical system. A cryogenic tunnel freezer or immersion freezer can be used to crust approximately 10 percent of a product and lock in moisture. It can then be finished in a mechanical freezer. The result: reduced product loss from moisture and sticking; improved throughput of your mechanical freezer with minimal capital expense; improved product quality (especially for delicate and sticky food); and, reduced maintenance, sanitation and operational costs.

Gases : Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide for use as a freezing agent.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Cryogenic Bottom Injection

Cryogenic bottom injection is the ideal solution for temperature control of meats, seafood, dough, and a variety of processed foods during the mixing, kneading or grinding processes. Our innovative cryogenic bottom injection technology injects either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) into the bottom of a mixer or grinder to help ensure proper penetration, resulting in improved temperature control and forming, higher quality and throughput. Our bottom injection solutions combine high-quality food-grade gases with optimally designed equipment to achieve uniform and fast cooling through multiple injection points, as well as increased efficiency and quality.

Gases : Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide for cryogenic bottom injection.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen



With new technologies changing the way we freeze and transport food, Air Liquide continues to stay ahead of the curve, providing the industry with the best tools and knowledge to meet achieve their freezing requirements. Our experts are knowledgeable and equipped to advise on the right applications and gases whatever the size or complexity of the operation.

Gases : Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

Air Liquide’s advanced immersion and tunnel freezers are ideal for a range of products, including baked goods, fruits and vegetables, seafood and prepared foods. Our IQF solutions eliminate the inconvenience of defrosting block frozen products and allow for easy portioning and mixing of pre-prepared frozen products, including small, sticky products such as fruits.

Backed by our extensive knowledge of IQF, we have developed innovative and customizable solutions using both liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. 

Gases : Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide for use as a freezing agent.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Inerting and Blanketing

Creating an inert atmosphere through control of oxygen levels prevents food products from oxidizing and spoiling and helps to preserve their chemical makeup. Air Liquide’s inerting, blanketing and sparging applications address this challenge by eliminating or minimizing contact with air, extending shelf life, and maintaining important qualities like taste, color and texture. Our inerting solutions are tailored to fit customer needs for oxidation control and can be integrated with processing and packaging systems.

Gases : ALIGAL Gases Argon Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen



Slicing meats, fish and cheeses for packaging can be challenging. Our slicing solution integrates crust freezing into existing processes to reduce loss and improve hygiene, yield, slice appearance, and weight control, leading to significant efficiency gains. Air Liquide’s flexible systems, using either liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide, may be easily adapted to any production requirement for crust freezing, slicing and shingling.  

Our slicing solutions can increase slicer rates up to 50 percent. By replacing manual cutting with this automatic process, you can improve on-the-job safety and overall productivity. 

Gases : Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide for use as a freezing agent.

Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen


Top Snowing

Air Liquide’s top snowing systems utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) for on-demand process cooling of baked products, meats, seafood and processed foods. This simple chilling solution enables temperature control and offers a protective atmosphere while food products are being mixed or blended. Carbon dioxide snow horns mounted on the covers of blenders or tumblers expand liquid carbon dioxide into dry ice snow on the top of food products. The snow mixes easily with food products, providing spot cooling on demand. As dry ice sublimes to a vapor, there is no ingredient change to the food product. Carbon dioxide can be antimicrobial and anti-fungal, providing a protective atmosphere that can hinder additional bacterial growth in some food products.

Gases : ALIGAL Gases Carbon Dioxide

Brands : ALIGAL™ is Air Liquide's premier brand for food and beverage gases and equipment. ALIGAL solutions can be customized to meet your quality, hygiene and operational requirements.