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Air Liquide in India Paper & Pulp - Bleaching & Washing

Near Neutral Bleaching (NNB)

Gases : Carbon Dioxide


Neutralization after Bleaching

Carbon dioxide can be used to regulate the pH of recycled, mechanical or chemical pulps after an alkaline bleaching, particularly when hydrogen peroxide is used. Advantages compared with traditional acids are ease of use, increased reliable pH control, installation safety, reduction in sulfur containing products and more. 

Gases : Carbon Dioxide


Oxidative Extraction (Eo)

This process reduces chlorinated reagents during the bleaching process, especially chlorine dioxide. Oxygen is often used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide to ensure a greater reduction in chemical uses and resulting organochlorinated products (AOX).

Gases : Oxygen


Ozone bleaching (ECF or TCF pulps)

Ozone bleaching is an efficient method of decreasing your bleaching costs and reducing emissions. Ozone can be produced from oxygen (liquid oxygen or Vacuum Swing Adsorbtion) in generators. You can rely on our expertise in bleaching steps, recovery, and reuse of the oxygen rich off-gas to help achieve efficiency throughout your operations.

Gases : Oygen


Waste Papers treatment with Ozone

Ozone can be used to bleach waste papers, decolorize the pulp and reduce the residual fluorescence coming from optical whiteners.

Gases : Oxygen