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Air Liquide in India


Air Liquide Welding is a leading player in the development of welding and cutting technologies. We offer a complete range of welding-related consumables, manual equipment, as well as welding and cutting automation solutions and services. Our internationally known brands made in Europe are Oerlikon and SAF-FRO.

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Our offer


We have a full offer of consumables for the most stringent technical requirements related to petrochemical applications regardless of steel grades and alloys. The product range includes:

  • Electrodes
  • Submerged Arc Welding
  • Flux Cored Wires
  • MIG and Tig Rods

Oerlikon is recognised as an essential international welding consumables brand, being the preferred reference for manufacturing of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and all equipments utilised in refineries industry.

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We offer personalised submerged arc welding solutions dedicated to pipe mills applications.

Pipe mills

Through the Oerlikon brand, we offer personalised submerged arc welding solutions dedicated to pipe mills applications. Our research, development and innovation team works closely with customers in order to develop our complete range of high-speed welding combination of flux and wires, granting high productivity in multiple wire applications for line pipe.

Oerlikon Submerged Arc Flux is an essential component for achieving the highest deposition rate and maintaining expected mechanical and chemical properties.

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Nuclear power generation

The nuclear industry requires specifically designed welding solutions, with the highest level of codes and standards such as RCC-M, ALSME III NC1 3800, KTA 1408 and others. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers is ready to support customers to implement their nuclear projects, and Oerlikon is a supplier for welding products for nuclear fabrication with decades of experience. Having responded in detail to the initial enquiry, our team manages the order from receipt to delivery through several essential activities:

  • Customer demand analysis and routing
  • Specific Quality Assurance implementation
  • Production and testing lead times and costs determination
  • Offer formalization and review
  • Technical knowledge capitalization
  • Order execution and dedicated follow-up by a team formed for each nuclear project
The Oerlikon “Thermal Power Generation” range conforms to the most technical fossil power industry specifications.

Fossil power generation

The hear-resistant steels used in thermal power plants require specifically customized consumables. Our commitment to technical excellence and expertise supported by a dedication to quality is fundamental to Oerlikon success, with thermal power desingers and fabricators worldwide.

The ISO 9001 Quality System Certificates enable Air Liquide Welding to manufacture and supply welding products for use in the thermal power generation sector. The product range for “Thermal Power Generation” conforms to the highest technical specifications in fossil power industry specifications, including the last generation of ultra-supercritical thermal power fleets and allows us to provide a wide range of major players in the field of boilers, tubes and pipes, steam turbine manufacturers, water walls, superheaters, reheaters, headers and cast steel foundries.

We work continuously on improving and diversifying our offer to meet the most technical needs of our customers.


Our product range for the offshore industry includes electrodes, submerged arc welding and flux cored wires which are supplied to major companies manufacturing jackets, jack-up rigs and topside constructions. We have a full offer of European-made solutions for all steel grades and alloys, and a track recording of providing as well highly successful products combining quality and technology as well as giving technical service with focus on improving the productivity of our customers. 

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Our distributors network

Our products and services are available in different regions of India through our distribution network:

  Contact Addresse Contact details


Himanshu Gandhi

26, Arihant Industrial Estate
Off. Saki Vihar Road
Sakinaka, Mumbai 400 072

+91-22-28473259 / 89 

Fax :
+91-22-28473294 / 28470710

Welding Automations Technik Dinesh Ashwal

C-7/211 sector – 7 ROHIN
New Dehli 110085

+91 11 3299 0625

Mobile :
+91 810044955
+91 9810044953

+91 11 2410 5306


Oerlikon supplier for pipemills activity

Aditya Rajadhyaksha
Managing Director

207, Shah & Nahar (Worli) Light Industrial Estate
Dr. E. Moses Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400018

+91 22 4035 8900

+91 98 2033 0636

Fax :
+91 22 4035 8905

WELDTRON India Manoj Kumar
Managing Director

411, Twin Arcade (D) - Marol Military Road - Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059 - Maharashtra

+91 22 4026 2190

+91 94 0054 7692

+91 22 4026 2191

Our brands

Oerlikon is a leading International brand well known for providing welding consumables for Oil & Gas, petrochemicals and pipe mill industries. SAF-FRO is an international brand with a full range of equipment and  consumables for all main welding applications.