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Air Liquide aims to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact. This way, we help them moving forward.

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Air Liquide’s gases and related services are supplied to an assortment of industries including Chemicals, Automotive, Food and Beverages, etc. We supply industrial and specialty gases in an array of volumes and purities, along with related technologies and services. We offer a range of gas supply modes, including cylinder and bulk delivery, pipeline distribution, and on-site production.


We offer critical support in the major steps of the automobile manufacturing process by leveraging our expertise to tailor our innovations and offers to these steps.

Cutting of metallic raw materials, such as sheets, tubes and coils, is the first step to creating vehicle components and metallic structures. LASAL™ solution combines pure and pre-mixed lasing gases strictly compliant with laser manufacturer specifications and high purity process gases to improve performance and reliability of specialized laser cutting jobs.

Laser welding is the most productive technology to join thin materials used in automotives. From regular CO2 lasers to fiber and solid ones, Air Liquide supplies with LASAL gases the most suitable shielding products: helium, argon or mixtures.

ARC welding is one of the most widespread methods for joining vehicle components and structures. ARCAL™ is our leading brand of shielding gases (argon and argon-based mixtures), compliant with ISO standards.

Emissions testing is essential for automotive manufacturers to ensure that automobile exhaust complies with emission standards. ALPHAGAZ™ is Air Liquide’s comprehensive range of specialty gases for analysis and quality control. Our gases are used in automotive industries for the development, certification and manufacturing of vehicles.

Our goal is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the final consumers.

Food and Beverages

As an industrial gas expert, Air Liquide provides its Food and Beverages industry customers with full process support and services. At the same time, we retain a strong focus on safety, hygiene and cost-efficiency. We offer a range of food grade gases. As the industry benchmark, our ALIGAL™ products meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards for production and logistics of all liquids related to the agri-food industry. ALIGAL™ goes above and beyond required criteria in adhering to strict specifications in addition to offering ensured traceability along the manufacturing cycle. It comes with a traceable identification number.

ALIGAL™ gases are used in different applications and food segments. Beyond gases, we are on hand, partnering with our clients to tailor comprehensive solutions adapted to their specific requirements.

Our products also help beverage industry customers by directly improving beverage quality and shelf life without compromising their taste, color or texture. Supported by our global network of experts, our sales teams help customers to launch increasingly innovative products e.g. carbonated drinks, still drinks, wines, nitro coffees, etc that are tastier and healthier at optimum cost.

Protecting beverage taste, color and texture
Chemical companies strive to reduce their environmental footprint and meet stringent regulations, while creating innovative products.


We produce our industrial gases - such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide - essential molecules, required as reaction agents for various process steps in the chemical production chain - through proprietary state-of-the-art technologies for the chemicals industry.

Our all-in-one solutions, Nexelia, combines gas, process expertise and application technologies, to be used for inerting, purging, cooling, and other specific applications. Our customers involved in research, testing, and measurement can rely on our high level of expertise. We offer a large range of quality analytical gases that include pure gases and mixtures, plus the appropriate gas-handling equipment and services. ALPHAGAZ™ is our worldwide range of specialty mixtures and pure gases for analytical applications.


Air Liquide has the expertise necessary to tailor fit gas solutions to our customers’ specific requirements, regardless of the construction project. Whether working in dense urban environments or remote areas, we supply gases in a variety of modes and cylinder sizes. We also ensure full compliance with the highest construction quality and safety standards to achieve zero accident.

Welding is critical process for construction industry because it allows for the creation of frames and core steel structures used in bridges, office buildings, factories and much more. Arc welding in particular provides an effective high-performance welding solution. To meet these needs, we offer ARCAL™, our range of ready-to-weld products for all types of welding.

Electronic Manufacturing

Our Nexelia™ solutions are a range of all-in-one solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. While the main feature is nitrogen supply, it extends to application equipment and audit services. These are an important step as they assure our solutions best reflect our customers’ unique processes. Using the audit system, we are able to:

  • Measure the optimal inerting atmosphere inside the reflow oven
  • Ensure quality and safety with verification of the atmosphere in the oven, and conduct leakage checks
  • Optimize performance, including the quality of soldering and nitrogen consumption
We deliver competitive oxy-combustion offers, from gas supply to comprehensive solutions to the metallurgy industry.


The industry requires oxygen, nitrogen and argon for a wide range of applications, ranging from oxy-combustion to surface protection and degasification with inert gases. Air Liquide has developed BOOSTAL™ offers for the metals industry, which consist of oxygen supply, patented burners with advanced regulation devices, and expert support for the implementation of oxy-combustion technologies suitable for all steps in the manufacturing process.

  • Steel: for melting, metal transfer, and reheating operations
  • Non-ferrous metals: for melting and metal transfer with refiners and smelters
  • Foundries: for melting with cupolas and rotary furnaces and for metal transfer
  • Semi-finished products: for reheating furnaces and heat treatment, with protective atmospheres for galvanizing and annealing

Metal Fabrication

We have extensive expertise in metal fabrication across industries that produce steel, non-ferrous structures, vessels, cars, aircrafts and others. We deliver reliable and competitive gas solutions to our customers, supplied via cylinders, bulk, pipeline distribution and on-site production units. Our solutions cover critical stages in the manufacturing cycle. For cutting of metallic raw materials, we offer laser cutting using LASAL™ that optimizes quality and speed and minimizes costs.

Arc welding is the main focus of metal fabrication. In this process, formed and machined parts are assembled, welded into place, and then checked for dimensional accuracy. For this application, we offer ARCAL™, our leading brand of shielding gases (argon and argon based mixtures), compliant with ISO and AWS standards.

Laboratories & Research

We provide a wide range of analytical and calibration gases including pure gases (nitrogen, oxygen, air, helium, & hydrogen) and multi-components mixtures, plus the appropriate gas handling equipment and services. They are available on catalogue or produced on demand. Our customers are private and pulic companies, analytical laboratories and research centers working in wide array of industries. To cater their specific needs, we have drawn on our extensive experience in the production of pure gases and mixtures with high-end specifications through our premium brands:

ALPHAGAZ™: our worldwide range of specialty pure gases and mixtures for analytical applications

SCOTT™: calibration mixtures, in particular for the oil and gas industry

CALGAZ™: a range of calibration mixtures for safety detection and breath analyzer applications delivered in small portable cylinders

Oil and Gas

By combining our expertise in industrial gases, services, and equipment, we deliver reliable solutions tailored to oil and gas operations for both upstream and downstream activities. Our coverage of the main industrial basins and pipeline network allow us to further optimize the reliability of supply.

Upstream Activities

For all upstream processes, including exploration and production, we adapt our solutions and services to the needs of individual customers:

  • Pipe laying and construction with ARCAL™ welding gas solutions
  • Gas-lifting and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with nitrogen or carbon dioxide
  • Pipe inerting and leak testing for pipeline maintenance operations
  • Analytical services and process control with analytical pure gases and mixtures adapted specifically to customer requirements

Downstream Activities

For all downstream activities, we provide the critical solutions needed to process crude oil and gas. For example:

  • Fuel desulfurization and conversion into lighter products in the refining industry requires a large volume of hydrogen to break up heavy hydrocarbons
  • Gasification and catalytic cracking processes using large quantities of oxygen
  • Blanketing, purging and drying are essential to ensure the safety of installations using our Industrial Nitrogen Services (INS) as part of Nexelia, all in one solutions.
The refining industry requires hydrogen to desulfurize fuels and break up heavy hydrocarbons.