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A responsible choice

Performance and responsibility are at the heart of our ambition

Investing in Air Liquide also means investing responsibly as Air Liquide puts performance and responsibility at the heart of its ambition. In 2014, Air Liquide reaffirmed its ambition to be the leader of its industry delivering long term performance and acting responsibly.

Acting responsibly

Committed to its customers and patients, Air Liquide contributes to responsible development in the fields of healthcare and the environment, mainly through innovation and services. For its industrial customers, the Group is developing solutions that allow reduce the environmental impacts of their processes. Air Liquide is also committed to the communities in which it operates, as demonstrated by the Air Liquide Foundation. The Group also develops the expertise of its employees and ensures that the business practices of its teams comply with the code of ethics. In addition to being committed to the optimal management of natural resources and the environmental impacts of its activities, Air Liquide works daily to strengthen its relationship with its shareholders, encourage that its suppliers adopt its responsible approach, and develop a trust-based dialogue with public authorities in the countries in which it operates.

Safety: the top priority

Accident frequency rate evolution during 20 years


In total the Air Liquide University has trained close to 32,000 employees since its creation in 2009.

Average number of training days per employee, per year
and percentage of employees having attended at least one training session during the year

Diversity evolution since 2005

Between 2003 and 2014, the percentage of women who were hired for manager and professional positions rose from 14% to 28%.

Diversity evolution since 2005 (10 years) - % of women among Group employees