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Air Liquide Japan has enacted its Business Continuity Plan as a response to the current epidemic of Covid-19

Air Liquide is committed to taking appropriate precautions to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff, contractors, customers, patients and the general public, and to ensure continuity of supply.

With the evolving situation around COVID-19, since mid February 2020. Air Liquide Japan has activated Business Continuity Plan (BCP)to manage different levels of the situation should confirmed cases in Japan potentially impact our business. Air Liquide has also set up a task force and various working groups within the Group locally and globally. These coordinate all necessary measures within the business and ensure smooth internal and external communication.

As a company, we have already implemented local measures to ensure our staff and contractors working on our behalf are aware of the virus, symptoms and preventative measures to take to minimise any contact or spread and ensure continuity of supply to our customers.
Some elements of  the Air Liquide BCP that have been in placed:

  • Focus on employee hygiene via provision of hand cleaner, masks, and temperature monitoring, reinforced disinfections procedures etc
  • Restricting all international business travel (since 2020 beginning of Feb) and keeping domestic travels to the minimum to operation sites
  • Working from home for roles that are identified as able 
  • Splitting like work groups into multiple teams and ensuring those teams do not work together
  • Minimizing face-face meetings and utilizing further more video-meetings

    In addition to the preservation of employees' health, we are deploying plans to ensure continuity of production and delivery of gases critical to life (Oxygen) and ensuring continuity of supply to all our customers, and hospitals and patients in Japan.

On a daily basis, we will continue to monitor and follow the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Japanese Government Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.  

As of March 31th 2020,

  • There is no reported confirmed or suspected cases of COVID19 in Air Liquide Japan;
  • There is no major impact to our operations and we continue to manufacture and supply as normal.

Should you require further information, please contact us via the designated email address:

Air Liquide Japan  is more than ever committed to supporting players in the various healthcare systems where the company operates, and to supporting our customers in the various sectors where they operate .