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The magazine of the Air Liquide Group | Customer experience

Customer experience  | February 13, 2019

Analytical precision: innovating together

Thermo Fisher Scientific develops high-quality analytical and calibration equipment for applications in geochemistry, life sciences, food product traceability, sports doping, and also research on climate change. The leading analytical instrument manufacturer recently teamed up with Air Liquide to supply customers with stable isotope gases.

Customer experience  | January 21, 2019

Ensuring the kick-start of an XXL industrial project

T17 is the world's largest oxygen production unit, owned and operated by Air Liquide for Sasol in South Africa. As the Plant Manager, Bertus Swart was responsible for ensuring the startup of this state-of-the-art plant, with a total production capacity of 5,000 metric tons of oxygen per day. His secret? “Go beyond set goals, explore different approaches, be open to new ideas and support my team with a creative mind.”

Customer experience  | September 25, 2018

Airparif, monitoring air quality in and around Paris

When it comes to measuring air pollution, the weather is as important for Airparif as prevailing traffic conditions: anticyclones, lack of wind, temperature inversions, etc. Throughout the year, the organization measures air quality in Paris and its region and issues alerts when pollution spikes are expected, which in turn helps public policymakers take the necessary measures.

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"Behind any exceptional patient service, there are always engaged employees"

François Jackow
Member of the Air Liquide group Executive Committee in charge of the Healthcare activities
Customer experience  | May 09, 2018

The world’s largest oxygen production unit

The world’s largest oxygen production unit has just been inaugurated on the site of Secunda, South Africa. Sasol, an international integrated energy and chemicals company, entrusted Air Liquide with the unit's construction, ownership and operation for the next 20 years. Explanations.

Customer experience  | April 01, 2018

Food: healthier, safer and tastier!

We no longer have the same relationship to food as previous generations. Food behaviors are changing profoundly and are going global. Today, consumers are looking for more responsible, healthier, safer and tastier food. This implies a reinvention of the food processing chain in which Air Liquide is actively participating.

Customer experience  | November 13, 2017

Trust in performance with EXELTOP™

Following the success of ALTOP™ and SMARTOP™ valves, EXELTOP™ combines Air Liquide's best technologies and expertise in an advanced built-in regulator for industrial gas cylinders. It has been designed to bring customers a better user experience and safety of gas cylinders.

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"Sharing knowledge, venturing outside our comfort zone, learning from other sectors: this spirit of constant learning is vital to staying ahead in a fast-moving globalized world!"

Benoît Potier
Chairman & CEO
Customer experience  | November 09, 2017

ALbee™: breaking new ground in small gas cylinders

Air Liquide’s ALbee™ product range has been specially engineered to meet the needs of craftsmen, combining unparalleled ergonomics with convenience and safety.

Customer experience  | November 06, 2017

QUAD+, the new bundle for offshore

QUAD+ brings technology and design to the world of offshore. From its size to its never-before-seen gas capacity. From the quad’s greatly enhanced decant speed to its unsurpassable safety features. Discover Air Liquide’s latest game changing offer.