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Electronics is at the heart of the digital transformation that is profoundly changing the way we live, work, and communicate. New and ever more powerful technologies are created every day at a nanometric scale.

(Source: Intel)

(Source: IBM)

(Source: IBM)


The five major digital transformation trends

Five major digital transformation trends are deeply impacting everyone’s usages and accelerating the pace of change in the electronics market.

  • Smart communications in cities, cars, homes, and more are growing exponentially, allowing all connected objects to interact with each other and with people, especially via smartphones.
  • The autonomous car sector is booming and incorporating increasingly sophisticated electronics systems.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are also growing dramatically, driven by the development of professional applications and the healthcare sector.
  • Big data is a key issue for storing and processing the massive amount of information generated by all these changes.
  • The effective management of all this information is allowing the rise of artificial intelligence, which represents a major technological disruption, providing automatic translation in real time and robot personal assistants.


Ultra-innovative gas and materials for electronics

In response to these changes, Air Liquide is helping leaders in the electronics industry in their race for innovation. The Group supplies these companies with the high-purity gases that are essential to their manufacturing processes. It also provides them with the specialized electronic materials, analytic services, equipment, and facilities they need.

Air Liquide also designs and produces innovative advanced electronic materials that improve the connectivity performance and calculating power of technological equipment while also limiting their power consumption. In fact, 100% of all latest generation smartphones have components, chips, and memories made with Air Liquide’s advanced materials. In seven years, advanced material families, including those developed by the Group, have reduced the size of the transistors on a smartphone chip from 65 to 10 nanometers. As a result, phones have a better battery life, are faster and include more advanced features, leading to a better customer experience.

100% of all latest generation smartphones have components, chips, and memories made with Air Liquide’s advanced materials

Focus on

enScribe™ and the challenge of 3D chips etching

Air Liquide has developed enScribe™, a new line of advanced etching materials which helps semiconductor manufacturers meet the technological and environmental challenges facing their sector.

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Designed to build a new generation of memories with 3D technology, the enScribeTM innovative materials can create new chip architectures using a deep etching process. In addition, due to their chemical structure, these materials have a shorter lifespan in the atmosphere, thereby reducing the impact of the etching process on the environment.


Flawless quality

Another key challenge in the sector is the need for impeccable quality in the product supplied. At a nanometric scale, the slightest imperfection in the components can have significant consequences. Air Liquide has therefore implemented a specific Quality Management System for its Electronics activity. The system consists of a series of procedures, tools, and performance indicators designed to control the quality of product manufacturing.


“Today’s continuing evolution in technology from Artificial Intelligence, mobile and connected devices, Big Data, electric and autonomous vehicles are driving significant demand for semiconductor chips, sensors and high resolution displays.”

Jean-Baptiste Salles, Vice-President Electronics Markets and Customers at Air Liquide

A powerful lever for growth

In 2020, there will be an average of 20 connected objects (Source: Intel) for each human on earth. 80 million patients will use connected healthcare technologies, and one-eighth of all vehicles in circulation throughout the world will be connected (Source: IBM). As a result of these major transformations, the electronics market is booming, and Air Liquide is well positioned to capitalize on its growth potential.

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Article published on June 13, 2018