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At the heart of changes in healthcare

Healthcare is experiencing a revolution. Digital technologies have become an integral part of healthcare, transforming usages and economic models in ways that benefit patients and health professionals alike. In 2017, the innovative solution Chronic Care Connect™ has been developed in this environment undergoing major changes.

(Arthur D. Little, 2016)

The challenges

The health sector is facing significant challenges, in every country. Chronic diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent as urbanization spreads, the population ages, and sedentary lifestyles become more common. New digital technologies are allowing patients to be better informed and take an active role in their own care. They are also helping health professionals do their jobs. Finally, health systems are trying to define new care models that will allow them to address these new challenges while also controlling health costs.

Air Liquide collaborated with the entire healthcare ecosystem, harnessing its capacity for innovation to help patients, healthcare professionals, and public authorities.

Connecting patients and healthcare professionals

E-health offers effective responses to these changes for all stakeholders in the healthcare system, specifically patients, healthcare professionals, and public health authorities. France is currently at the leading edge of this trend with its national program, ÉTAPES ("Experiments in telemedicine for improved healthcare pathways", translated), which is aimed at creating the conditions needed for making telemedicine a reality.

Launched in 2017, Chronic Care Connect™, Air Liquide’s first e-health innovative solution, is part of the ÉTAPES program. This medical telemonitoring solution is designed to provide remote, at-home assistance to patients with chronic diseases.

This is made possible by efficiently connecting patients with healthcare professionals throughout the patient care journey. Depending on the doctor’s care plan, the patient uses the appropriate monitoring devices (such as a blood pressure cuff, scale, or blood sugar monitor, for example) or clinical questionnaires. Each piece of equipment is connected to a digital tablet that lets the patient access their data and educational materials. The information is analyzed remotely and sent to the doctor. At the same time, Air Liquide’s teams contact the patient and his or her doctor on a regular basis. In this context, data protection is an important issue and a major focus for Air Liquide.


"We have naturally developed highly advanced expertise in digital technologies, medicine, and science, all of which are essential in e-health. But what really makes the difference is the human element."

Grégory Olocco, Vice-President of Markets, Strategy and Innovation at Air Liquide Healthcare business line

The benefits of this solution are threefold:

  • The patient receives personalized and continuous care that helps improve his or her quality of life—all without having to leave the comfort of home
  • Doctors have access to an operational solution that lets them monitor changes in their patients’ clinical condition. For the time being, the solution targets two chronic pathologies: diabetes and heart disease
  • Finally, by preventing hospitalization, Chronic Care Connect™ also helps control healthcare costs

Working together to determine the future of healthcare

For e-health to reach its full potential, all stakeholders within the ecosystem must feel the tangible benefits of its use, and the distribution of added value must be balanced. They must therefore work together to create the solutions and economic models of tomorrow. To design Chronic Care Connect™, Air Liquide collaborated with the entire healthcare ecosystem, harnessing its capacity for innovation to help patients, healthcare professionals, and public authorities.

After first developing in the United States, e-health is now spreading to other regions of the world, especially Europe. Air Liquide stands out in this promising market with an offer that combines human expertise with digital technology.

Air Liquide is thus rolling out its e-health solution in France and Spain by providing assistance to the already substantial number of health facilities and physicians using the technology and by increasing the number of diseases that can be treated with Chronic Care Connect™.

Air Liquide stands out with an offer that combines human expertise with digital technology

Article published on June 11, 2018