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Air Liquide in Mainland China Innovative environment-friendly solutions

Innovative environment-friendly solutions



Air Liquide Nexelia oxy-combustion solution can reduce fuel consumption and improve furnace performance, at the same time significantly reduces nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide which are harmful to both humans and the environment by eliminating nitrogen in combustion process. Oxy-fuel combustion is an application mainly used in the metallurgy, glass industries and increasingly in businesses under strong carbon constraints, like the cement industry. In 2016, Air Liquide’s Nexelia Oxy-combustion solution enabled a customer in non-ferrous metal recycling industry in China to save 68% energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by over 15,000 tons. In June 2016, Air Liquide was granted the “Leading Enterprise” award because of Nexelia Oxy-combustion solution at the 11th International CSR forum in Beijing, while its upgraded version Heat Oxy-combustion technology won the Innovative Product Award presented by the France-China Committee during 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in France in December 2015.

Apart from industrial fields, Air Liquide also provides proven and patented oxygen solutions for hazardous wastes incineration that can increase combustion efficiency, meanwhile reduce nitrogen oxides emissions.

Sulfur Recovery

There is always huge amount of sulfurated acid gas being produced in the process of natural gas cleaning, coal chemical industry and crude oil refining. It is one of the major causes of human respiratory diseases, haze, acid rain, forest degradation and water pollution. Over the years, Air Liquide has developed its highly efficient and reliable sulfur recovery technology that can improve traditional processes by recovering sulfur from the acid gases, thus reduce acid gas emissions, then apply the recovered sulfur to many other areas. Air Liquide Huai’an plant and Fujian plant (under construction) provide real cases of sulfur recovery which are good examples of circular economy.

The Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is a recognized clean energy source. Replacing petroleum products by hydrogen can help reduce off gas from vehicles, relieve air pollution of the city and reliance on traditional fuels. Air Liquide masters the entire industrial chain, from production and storage to distribution and uses for the end user.

Air Liquide is actively involved in setting up this industry and allowing the widespread use of hydrogen in transportation. As of now, 120 hydrogen stations have been designed and delivered by Air Liquide. With Blue Hydrogen program, Air Liquide is firmly moving towards a gradual decarbonization of its hydrogen production dedicated to energy applications. In practical terms, Air Liquide has made a commitment to produce at least 50% of the hydrogen necessary to these applications through carbon-free processes by 2020.

Biogas upgrading

Biogas upgrading

Biogas has been used as a relatively clean renewable energy for a long history. Comparing with combusting directly or used for electricity generation,  purifying biogas to natural gas can further improve energy structure and reduce pollution to the environment caused by wastes. It is essential in realizing sustainable energy uses. Air Liquide polymeric membrane purification technology can help produce high quality natural gas. By collaborating with different companies, Air Liquide built up an entire natural gas service system which covered upgrading natural gas from organic and agricultural wastes, liquefying the gas and distributing to the end users. In this way, Air Liquide increases enterprise users’ motivation to use natural gas and contributed the development of biogas valorization in China.

Air Liquide biogas valorization technology was recognized as the “2016 Excellent CSR Practices of Foreign-invested Enterprises in China”

Nexelia Water Treatment

Nexelia Water Treatment: Pure oxygen injection technology

The pure oxygen injection technology of Nexelia water treatment solutions is to use Air Liquide’s special designed equipment for injecting pure oxygen into aeration basins as a better oxygen resource for aerobe. Comparing with air, dissolving pure oxygen in water gives out larger impetus. Oxygen has quicker mass transfer velocity so that can penetrate to zoogloea more easily which increases the amount of zoogloea and makes them more regular and compact with bigger surface. All these can improve the concentration and activity of microorganism in aeration basin.

Pure oxygen injection technology increases COD/BOD treatment load by 30% to 100%, improves denitrification efficiency, reduces the impact from smell (VOC) to surroundings, while reduces the system energy consumption by more than 50%.