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Air Liquide in Mainland China Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Air Liquide strives to contribute to a more sustainable world. Air Liquide Group triggered CSP (corporate sustainability program) which contributes to these three aspects:

  • Solutions for clean industry
  • Solutions for clean transport
  • Measures to promote local development
Safety education video:Never take short-cuts and be overconfident

Two prerequisites: safety and ethics

Safety is our first responsibility as a manufacturer with a zero accident goal at each site. The Group also ensures strict compliance with human rights and business ethics.

As part of our NEOS 2016-2020 company program, the Group has set two objectives in order to contribute to sustainability.

Safety education video: Never take short-cuts and be overconfident.

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Air Liquide in Mainland China Qingpu Plant

Improving air quality for better environment and health reasons

The air is a common, vital and universal good. Air pollution causes health problems (heart disease, strokes, and respiratory diseases) and exacts a substantial cost, both human and financial, to society.

Air pollutants are multiple: NOx, SOx, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5), etc. The air pollution is caused in part by the burning of fossil fuels, which also produces carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas and a major cause of global warming.

Air Liquide acts responsibly to preserve environment and public health, with the objective of improving air quality and fight against global warming.

The Group works through its operations, with its R&D and technology teams and by relying on a network of international experts in the fields of industry, transportation and energy:

In industry
Thanks to the numerous applications of its products, the Group helps to develop cleaner manufacturing. Its capacity for industrial integration leads to synergies that promote energy and raw material savings and that reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gas effects.

In transportation
By producing the hydrogen that is used for fuel desulfurization and by developing clean transportation solutions around biomethane and hydrogen energy.

In its operations: energy consumption and emissions
Via its energy purchases, the Group encourages the supply of low carbon electrical energy. Air Liquide also supports the development of renewable energy.

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Air Liquide Care


Air Liquide commits itself to developing local economies, protecting life and the environment, and contributing to communities. Under the CSP umbrella, Air Liquide in Mainland China promotes a program called “Air Liquide Care” including several initiatives such as “Road Safety Lectures”, “Marathon First Responder Program”, yearly tree planting program “Green Action” and the recycled computer donation program “Air Liquide Computer Classroom”.

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Responsible Care

Our Commitments

Air Liquide is a signatory of the worldwide 'Responsible Care' Charter initiative run by the International Council of Chemical Associations. Signatories give their commitment to improve global chemical industry performance in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.

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