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The diversity of Air Liquide’s in Mainland China teams, businesses, markets and geographic presence provides a solid and sustainable base for growth in Mainland China. We rely on the hard work and dedication of more than 5,000 employees in over 40 cities to provide best in class gases, technologies and services to our customers.
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Our career

Air Liquide has always attached great importance to employee development and talent attraction. Making everybody fully demonstrate their talents is on top of our Human Resources policy. The company provides management channels and technology paths to meet the different development expectations from employees. The national talent and position review organized annually from top to bottom engages managers from different levels to pay close attention to the training and development of all employees. Besides, Air Liquide also delivers a series of systematic training courses to meet everyone’s different needs.

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HR awards


  • "100 Best HRM Companies" Award by 51job


  • "China Top 100 IDEAL™ Employers" Award by Universum


  • "Best Practice in Engagement & Retention" Award by Wolters Kluwer


  • "Excellence in Corporate Training" Award by "Employer Excellence of China"
  • "Best Career Development Framework" by "Mercer HR of the Future Awards"
  • "Excellence in Corporate Training" Award by 51job


  • "100 Employer Excellence of China" and "Best Industrial Employer for University Students in China" Awards by 51job


  • "Most Attractive Employer" by Universumby Universum
  • "Top Graduate Employers 2018" by and
  • "Best Human Resources Team Award" at the MAC Compensation & Benefit Forum


  • "China's Top 100 Most Attractive Employers" Award by Universum
  • "Best HR Teams in Greater China 2019" award by HRoot
  • named "100 Employer Excellence of China" and granted with the "Excellence in Employee Care" award by 51job
  • "Best Wellness Employee Award" at the "2019 Asia Best Workplace Award" ceremony
  • "Best EVP Project Award" in 2019 Employer Branding Creativity Contest


  • "Top Graduate Employers" by and
  • "Best HR Program 2020" award at the "Flag Awards”


  • "Top Graduate Employers" by and
  • "China's Top 100 Most Attractive Employers" Award by Universum
  • "Outstanding Achievement Award of Human Resources Management" and "Best HR Business Partner" at the "HRoot Awards 2021"
  • "Best HR Program" award issued by HR Flag

Student zone

Air Liquide (China) Holding Co., Ltd has various local and oversea programs for university students.

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Student Programs

Learn more about our programs for students.

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Know more about our 2021 campus recruiting programs.

Campus recruitment is a very important part of Air Liquide’s talent strategy, because we always believe that young talents are the hope of our company future. To achieve the goals in talent acquisition, Air Liquide China launched various unique campus projects for both fresh graduates and interns.

Projects for fresh graduates

LING YUN - domestic development program

After returning to China after graduation, you can unleash more potential under orientation training plus special tasks.

Targeted group: excellent Chinese international fresh graduates

Professional direction: Operations,  Engineering, Marketing & Sales, Project Management

Project settings:

1st year - orientation job rotation domestically to understand the relevant job content

2nd year - fixed post to have a comprehensive grasp of required job knowledge and skills

3rd year - fixed post and special tasks

YANG FAN @ Altitude - international development program

Overseas dispatch projects open your international career.

YANG FAN @ Altitude is a special international assignment program of Air Liquide Group for Chinese fresh graduates with Master’s Degree from top universities. Job opportunities will be provided in Operations, Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Project Management, Finance Management, HR Management and other specialized areas.

YANG FAN @ Altitude builds the talent pool for management or technical positions. In the initial 12 - 18 months, the newly onboard employees will work in China; then, from the 18th to 24th month, they will be expatriated overseas. Therefore, adapting to different culture quickly, learning the business and generating results are the demands from work. In the end of the overseas assignment, the candidates will be ideally positioned to pursue new opportunities within Air Liquide in China.

QI HANG - China management & technical trainee program

China management and technology trainee program gives you the opportunity to achieve your career aspirations and embrace a bright future.

QI HANG Program is the rotation training program targeting at fresh graduates with Bachelor’s or Master's degree in China by Air Liquide. Excellent graduates who are potential and conforming to Air Liquide’s culture will be selected and fostered as the workforce who will make contribution to the company in scopes like Technical, Sales & Marketing and Operation Management. 

With a series of systematic training and development programs, including on-job or off-job trainings and mentors in work, the employees will be able to understand the company operation systems, the company culture, and build a solid base for the future career development in Air Liquide.

Targeted group: excellent graduates

Professional direction: Operations,  Engineering, Marketing & Sales, Project Management, Finance Management, HR Management and other specialized areas.

Project settings:

- Orientation job rotation training project for 12-18 months

- Course training, on-the-job training, mid-year and year-end assessments

- Multiple concerns from professional instructors, job instructors and HR managers

- A three - year career development plan

Projects for interns

International Program (IP)

Develop an international perspective in the international practice and experience.

Air Liquide International Program consists of International Summer Camp and International Internship Program.

For International Summer Camp, outstanding postgraduates in school around the world will be selected and invited to visit the Group headquarter located in France each summer. Students will have precious opportunities to have meetings with the Group executives, visiting companies and factories to understand French culture, also learning and communicating with each other for one week. Chinese students participating in the activities may take advantage of the remaining summer holiday to complete their summer internship in China, thus understanding more about the Air Liquide in China.

International Internship Program intends to provide truly international career experience and life abroad for outstanding graduate student of China. During 2-6 months Internship, students will get real understanding of Air Liquide's company culture and work environment abroad in the daily work and have the opportunity to participate in related projects, but also to experience life abroad. This particular international internship will make Chinese students experienced more.

China Internship Program (CIP)

China Internship Program aims at offering outstanding Chinese college students a good practice platform to gain professional experiences and know Air Liquide's business, as well as Air Liquide culture in advance for future work preparation.

According to each student's background, vocational instructors will help to develop internship and training programs for each intern and integrate them into the company and enhance the professional skills quickly. Meanwhile, specific team tasks will fully challenging your intelligence and teamwork spirit. The students performing excellently throughout whole internship period will get opportunities to enter into next year's campus recruitment process.


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