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Air Liquide contributes to the development of a new sustainable concrete

Air Liquide has partnered with US start-up Solidia Technologies®, to provide a new equipment for carbon dioxide (CO2) injection for the production of Solidia Concrete™, which is made with a new sustainable cement. Thanks to Solidia’s patented processes that cure concrete with CO2 instead of water, this next generation cement will allow the entire industrial chain to reduce the environmental footprint of pre-cast concrete of up to 70%.

Specially designed by Air Liquide in collaboration with Solidia, the new equipment for CO2 injection and curing will demonstrate the feasibility of commercial-scale production of sustainable Solidia Concrete™. The breakthrough technology results in reduced concrete curing times of less than 24 hours and lower water consumption. In addition to capturing large amounts of CO2, the concrete has higher quality performance.

In addition to supplying the equipment, Air Liquide will serve as the worldwide preferred provider of carbon dioxide for use with Solidia’s patented processes. The concrete manufacturers’ customers will be able to buy CO2-cured Solidia Concrete™ products this summer in North America and in Europe next year.

In addition to this partnership, Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD) has also invested in Solidia Technologies® to support the industrialization of the technology.

François Darchis, Senior Vice-President, member of the Air Liquide group’s Executive Committee supervising Industrial Merchant, commented: “Thanks to this innovative technology partnership with Solidia, we are opening a new market for the COmolecule in precast concrete manufacturing. This project further illustrates Air Liquide’s commitment to support environmental protection.”

Tom Schuler, President and CEO of Solidia Technologies, added: “At this critical stage as we enter the market, Air Liquide’s expertise in gas delivery and equipment engineering enables rapid commercialization. This project meshes perfectly with our own vision of a world where CO2 means green and sustainability is an engine for growth.”

Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant Business Line
Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant Business Line provides gas solutions to its customers, including industrial and specialty gases, application technologies and expertise, at every stage in their process. Across a multitude of industries, from multinational corporations to independent craftsmen, 37,000 people serve more than 2 million customers.

Cement and concrete production
The production of cement, which is an ingredient of concrete, is responsible for three to five percent of total global carbon emissions. Cement manufacturers have committed to reducing their carbon footprint, taking into account their assets and chemistry.

Pre-cast concrete production represents about 20% of the overall global concrete production and consumes about 800 million tons of cement per year in the manufacturing process.

Carbon dioxide usages
The unique characteristics of the CO2 molecule present opportunities across a wide range of applications, including food preservation through freezing, chilling, or packaging, industrial cleaning and pH regulation in wastewater treatment. Air Liquide recovers carbon dioxide emitted by industrial processes, valorizes the molecule through purification and concentration, ultimately supplying it to industries.

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